Inquiry Roundup – Automotive Industry

Automotive Dealerships We are an authorized Zintro partner interested in the following titles are automotive dealerships in the United States: 1. Owners2. General Managers3. Sales Managers4. Service Lead If you… Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Automotive

Automotive Industrial Cleaning Looking to speak to someone with Automotive (USA OEM – General Motors/Ford/Toyota) background into industrial cleaning. Purpose of the call would be to understand engagement practice with… Read More

Inquiry Round Up- Tyre Industry

Tyre Recycling I need assistance in terms of securing scrap Tyre from dealers, transportation firms, governmental departments, fleet management firms and fitting services. I want experts to close these disposal… Read More

The Future of EV Vehicles in China- Part 2

Last week, we posted the first of two blogs about electric-vehicles in China. Bloomberg recently reported that the government in China may give as much as 100 billion yuan ($16 billion)… Read More

Success Story: Chris Dane

Chris Dane, President of HRG/Executive Travel Associates, has been in the travel industry for over 35 years. HRG/ETA’s parent company is the third largest travel management company in the world…. Read More

Success Story: Aaron Kapp

Zintro expert Aaron Kapp is the founding partner, CFO, and COO of a number of successful startups. He is currently the partner and the EVP of Business Development for Integrated… Read More

Success Story: Chris Nicholas

Chris Nicholas is the president of Travel Management Advisors, LLC. He has over 23 years of experience as an agency owner.  A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,… Read More

Tesla Motors in the Fast Lane?

Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc. is back in the news. The company just released the first few renderings of their new Model S, designed by high-performance sports car manufacturer… Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Navigation and GPS

Navigation System Import of GPS tracker into India .so licence requirement form WPC…more GPS Systems I need to speak with someone who has extensive experience in micro/nano GPS technology, and… Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Travel and Tours

Travel Management I work for a market research firm serving Global 1000 corporations. We are working on a project related to the Travel Aggregators for hotels and airlines contents. We… Read More

Are Driverless Cars Inevitable?

There have been several stories about self-driving cars in the news recently. Nissan announced it will sell a driverless car by 2020 and HIS forecast several models will be available… Read More

Will U.S. Luxury Car Sales Continue to Rise?

There has been a steep increase in luxury car sales in the U.S. as the economy has begun to improve and financing has become more generous. Although Mercedes will likely… Read More

Will Hybrid Price Cuts Increase Sales?

Many automakers have cut prices on hybrid vehicles in order to spur sales, which have lagged below expectations. Recently Toyota dropped the price of the 2014 Prius base hybrid plug-in… Read More

What The Future Holds for Europe’s Busiest Airport

Debates regarding the future of Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow, have been surfacing. Business leaders in London assert that the city is losing its draw as an international destination in part… Read More

Automated Garages Could Solve Parking Problems

German automated system designer, Paul Stolzer created an automated garage, which parks and returns cars in just a few minutes. The system optimizes the required space with pallets moving vertically… Read More

Only Two Passengers Lose Lives in Plane Crash: Luck or Refined Safety Features Proving Effective?

On July 6 the Asiana 777 crashed while landing in San Francisco. While many passengers incurred injuries, miraculously, there were only two casualties. Some aviation consultants maintain that the high… Read More