“Zintro benefits me by providing me a continuous stream of potential clients” – Jeff Stollman

Jeff Stollman is the president of Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, a technology consulting firm, evaluating business plans for commercial viability. Stollman is an expert in developing solutions to difficult problems across… Read More

Did You Say ‘Wifi Internet Access Everywhere’?

This month Google launches the pilot run for Project Loon. If successful, the enterprise will provide Internet access to remote areas while also improving current coverage. The venture floats 30… Read More

How Texting Aliens Could Affect Humanity

Next week, a startup working in a new sub-field of space exploration called METI (messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence) will begin transmitting text messages and photos toward atmospheres thought to be… Read More

“The Zintro process is so smooth and easy”- Trish Messiter

Trish Messiter, an expert in engineering management, has extensive experience in embedded software design and development, primarily focused on wireless networks and technologies. Over the years, she gained expertise in… Read More

How Far The Wireless Technology Can Go

Silicon Valley technology company, AOptix will soon be implementing its wireless fiber technology, which is capable of beaming multiple gigabits of voice and data capacity over mobile carriers’ existing networks… Read More

How Mind-Control Will Change Mobile Device Technology

Samsung and the University of Texas have formed a partnership to elaborate on the wide range of applications for the brain-computer interface technology, which will offer several new ways to… Read More

How Fast Will We Adopt Wearable Computing Technologies?

While Google is on the verge of introducing Google Glass to the market, there has recently been increased competition over augmented reality products including Microsoft, Apple with iWatch as well… Read More

Telecommuting Against The Office Environment

Yahoo announced last month that its employees wouldn’t be able to telecommute anymore, in order to create a more collaborative environment at the office. Although millions of Americans prefer to… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Telecommunication Industry Projects

Telecommunications procurement 3.7G telecom network in Uganda, bidders include Alcatel, Ericsson and ZTE, we have the offers, need an expert to let us know if they are within the acceptable… Read More

TV vs. Internet: Apples and Oranges?

Pay TV subscribers are down. TV Networks are considering more online streaming. Online video viewing is increasing and in some instances preferable to consumers. We asked our Zintro experts on… Read More

Mobile device growth in African nations

How are cell phones transforming human connections and transactions in African nations? What types of innovation is wireless technology creating? Where else might this technology be used in developing nations?… Read More

Smarter utility technology gaining momentum

We asked our Zintro experts to comment on how utility companies using new technologies to better perform during a storm or natural disaster. We received these opinions. Ben Hoganson, an… Read More

Building A Collaborative Culture

Organizations face an increasingly complex and unpredictable competitive landscape, and one that is filled with new, aggressive competitors. Achieving more growth through greater innovation, searching for new business opportunities across… Read More

The Samsung and Apple verdict

What happens to both Apple and Samsung now that Apple has won the lawsuit that awarded it $1 billion? How does this affect the industry? J.H. Tech, a technologist, says… Read More

Seeking experts to work on Mobile Industry Consulting Projects

Zintro is a business network that makes it easy for Clients (expert-seekers) to connect with Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements). Some of the… Read More

Seeking experts to work on Telecommunication industry consulting projects

Zintro is a business network that makes it easy for Clients (expert-seekers) to connect with Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements). Some of the… Read More