Zintro founder & CEO Stuart Lewtan delivers commencement address at Brandeis University

Zintro founder & CEO Stuart Lewtan delivers the commencement address at Brandeis University’s Rabb School graduation ceremonies. Inspiring insights about the future of higher education, virtual corporations, distance learning, Zintro… Read More

MBO Partners and Zintro to Expand Business Development Opportunities for Independent Professionals

MBO Partners, the leader in the $250 billion and growing independent consulting sector in America, announced today a strategic alliance with Zintro, a premier networking service for subject matter experts… Read More

Zintro is a reliable source – Regent Group

Regent Group, based in Washington, DC, is an international research and analysis firm that provides business, investment, strategic, and industry research services. It specializes in innovative research techniques to ensure… Read More

Joel Goldsmith: “Zintro brings new opportunities right to your door.”

Joel Goldsmith, a consultant that specializing in placing products at retailers, has spent many years selling more than $1 billion of various products to national retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Best… Read More

Stuart Matheson: “Zintro is good for client and consultant.”

Stuart Matheson, an aviation management consultant, offers support services to airlines, airports, and allied suppliers. Matheson received a Zintro inquiry from a client looking to create a military dashboard for… Read More

IMTC and Zintro Partner to Connect Money Transfer Experts with Consulting Opportunities

Waltham, MA, June 30, 2011 –(PR.com)– IMTC (http://www.imtconferences.com) and Zintro, Inc. (https://www.zintro.com) are pleased to announce a collaboration between the organizations.IMTC and Zintro have teamed up to create IMTC’s Money… Read More

Finding Services: Zintro and Capterra

Higher Education Management Group (by Keith Hampson, PhD) I love finding efficiencies. Something of a preoccupation /illness of mine. Here’s a couple of businesses that address my sickness. Zintro and… Read More

Commercial Mortgage Alert – Zintro Adding Commercial Mortgage Experts

Zintro, an Internet startup founded by structured-finance veteran Stuart Lewtan, is looking for CMBS professionals interested in consulting work. His Waltham, Mass., firm has signed up more than 1,000 experts… Read More

Xconomy: Zintro’s Pay-by-the-Call Service Connects Investors, Others with Industry Experts

Zintro’s Pay-by-the-Call Service Connects Investors, Others with Industry Experts If you spend much time in the business or legal world, “due diligence” is a phrase you hear a lot. It’s… Read More