Featured Expert: Dr. James Kadtke

Dr. James Kadtke has nearly 30 years of experience in the areas of science and technology, national security, and business. He is an expert on technology, business strategy, federal relations… Read More

Accel Partners Raises Over $1 Billion

Palo Alto venture capital firm Accel Partners made headlines from earning $6 billion from its early investment in Facebook. The company is back in the news− this time for raising… Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Surveillance Industry

Video Surveillance  Lawsuit against a video surveillance company accused of installing a faulty system and not providing sufficient monitoring services. Need expert who can explain IP vs. Analog camera, License… Read More

The Balance Between Privacy and Profits in Business

A recent post on the Internal Auditor website discusses how companies may be missing out on big opportunities for growth because of their fear of privacy issues associated with big… Read More

Code of Conduct Signed to Protect Consumer Privacy

Location analytics firms such as Euclid and Radius Networks have reached an agreement with the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) for an official code of conduct. The FPF code of… Read More

Facebook Having Trouble With Computer Security

Programmer Khalil Shreateh recently hacked into Zuckerberg’s Facebook account to warn the company that users could easily post on anyone’s wall. Lately, high-tech companies have been relying more on help… Read More

The Canary: Will New Home Security Device Take Off?

A new alarm system called the Canary uses features such as an HD camera with night vision and sensors that track temperature, humidity and air quality to protect homes. The… Read More

1 Of Every 8 SIM Cards Can Be Hacked: Will Mobile Technology Ever Be Completely Secure?

Mobile phone SIM card technology has been compromised, leaving users vulnerable to the possibility of being robbed and/or spied on. The small chips, previously considered hack-proof, authenticate user identity and… Read More

“Zintro allows me to help customers jump start their information security initiatives while avoiding pitfalls” – Gary Ostrem

Gary Ostrem is an information security product manager with 25 years of experience having worked in a wide range of information domains including web filtering, security compliance and encryption. Using… Read More

Does The Recent Development Really Compromise Counterfeits?

A recent technological development could mean the end of counterfeit money, pills, and accessories. Using an intricate pattern based on the structure of a Morpho butterfly’s wing, the innovation can… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work on Web Projects

HIPAA Compliance We need a HIPAA expert familiar with web technologies and frameworks since we are storing and making patient information accessible online as part of our product offering to… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On HIPAA Projects

HIPAA We are looking to find a consultant who can help identify our risk points with handline PHI information for our business. Our business is that our clients may submit… Read More

Wireless sensor networking technology is taking off

By Maureen Aylward Wireless sensor network technology is an emerging market with demand in network connectivity and battery-free technology. We asked our Zintro experts to comment on potential markets for… Read More

What are the benefits of internal cloud computing to large enterprises?

As enterprises begin to experiment with internal cloud computing to capitalize on efficiency gains, the question arises as to whether this shift is actually a beneficial change or simply an… Read More