Advanced Paper Will Soon Be Used As A Diagnostic Tool

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have designed a new advanced paper, which is capable of repelling several types of liquids, some of which include water and oil. With… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Paper Industry Consulting Projects

Paper Industry  I want to appoint Distributors all across the globe to sell MG Kraft Paper for wrapping, lamination & packing applications……more Paper and Paper Product Manufacturing  I’m in the middle… Read More

“I provided new information on groundbreaking innovations” – Moris Amon

 Dr. Moris Amon is a technical consultant in the fields of polymer processing, polymeric materials, and experimental design and data analysis. Amon has a diverse background that has provided him… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Ceramic Industry Consulting Projects

Ceramic Coatings We are looking for a consultant to provide us with the technology transfer to the Glossy ceramic coating of water pumps’s cast iron intermediate bowls……more Advanced Ceramics Advanced… Read More

Packaging is essential

When a product is created or shipped, packaging is involved. We asked Zintro experts to comment on the trends in packaging: design, manufacturing, materials. Edward Martin, a consultant to the… Read More