Inquiry Roundup- Medical Research

Healthcare Research – Desk Research Healthcare Research: We are looking for a desk research/secondary research /medical research who can pull out the number of procedures/surgeries performed and how many hospitals… Read More

“Considerations for Emerging Biopharmaceutical Companies”

Zintro Webinar Presented by Camille DeSantis & Maria Casini, Co-Founders and Managing Partners – Guard Dog Brand Development, LLC Presenter’s Note: “With increased competition in product development, particularly in oncology,… Read More

Healthcare shifts again

It seems the healthcare system is shifting again to address reductions in costs and maintaining quality. We asked our Zintro experts to comment on these shifts, changes, and new trends,… Read More

Innovation in health information technology

In our coverage of the healthcare industry this week, we turn to health information technology. This is always a fascinating area with so many applications. We asked our Zintro experts… Read More

Trends in healthcare administration: Part 1

We asked our Zintro experts to comment on the growing trends in healthcare administration and management. Many responded with a diverse range of thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Take a look…. Read More

Healthcare reform and the retail sector

By Maureen Aylward With healthcare reform still a big issue in the US, we wanted to know more about the potential impact on retail and companies that rely on part… Read More

Younger patients for knee and hip replacements need the medical device industry to get ready

With more people under the age of 65 seeking to have knee and hip replacement surgery, we wanted to know how this trend will impact the medical device field. We… Read More