Inquiry Roundup- Electrical Engineering

Electrical Equipment Saudi Arabia I would like to get insights on various electrical equipments, focusing on the Saudi Arabia market. Price quotes, prices movements and price drivers are required. Product… Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Oil & Gas Industry

Oil And Gas Data Analytic And Modeling Job Description data analytics and modeling in an upstream Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) operations environment The job involves building a performance management… Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Renewable Resources

Green Building Convergence of renewable energy and energy efficiency and building performance…. View inquiry Hydroelectricity Russian strategic consulting co is looking for international expert(s) in hydroelectric industry with profound knowledge of… Read More

Hardide Coatings Partners with GE

Hardide Coatings and GE recently announced a Strategic Supply Agreement worth $1.3 million over a two year period. Hardide Coatings, an Oxfordshire-based company that develops. manufactures and applies tungsten carbide-based… Read More

Biochemtex Opens Plant in North Carolina

Biochemtex, a global technology provider of specialized biofuels and renewable chemicals, plans to invest approximately $200 million in its new cellulosic biofuels plant in Sampson County, North Carolina. According to… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Nanotechnology Projects

Graphene Nanotechnology   Seeking forecast info on use of Graphene nanotechnology in solar energy systems for commercial and industrial real estate development……more Nanotechnology Nanites for space modules construction, computer construct, and… Read More

Will Obama’s New Action Plan Mitigate Climate Change?

President Obama’s new climate action plan commits the U.S. to lower carbon emissions to 17% below those recorded in 2005 by the year 2020. The agenda proposes that this be… Read More

Designing Safer Lithium-Ion Battery For The Renewable Energy Industry

With its strategic connections including Google Ventures, Seeo, a six-year old startup, recently established its solid, polymer-based lithium-ion battery system to store the energy produced by  solar panels. Seeo is… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Power Plant Projects

Nuclear Plant I would like to request your expertise for a project on operational excellence in nuclear power plants in former Soviet Union. We are looking for senior professionals with… Read More

Smarter utility technology gaining momentum

We asked our Zintro experts to comment on how utility companies using new technologies to better perform during a storm or natural disaster. We received these opinions. Ben Hoganson, an… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Oil and Gas Projects

Water Drilling We need water drilling expert with drilling rig(s)to be a business partiner with our Company in Tanzania.we will share inputs in the project and the resulting net profit… Read More

Seeking Experts to Work on Solar Energy Projects

Zintro  is a “Search and Connect Engine” that makes it easy for clients (expert-seekers) to find and connect with experts for projects (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month… Read More

Keystone XL Pipeline Pros and Cons

We asked our Zintro experts about the pros and cons of the proposed TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline. What are the risk factors for the environment? What kind of benefits does… Read More

Middle East uncertainty continues

By Maureen Aylward With continuing uncertainty in the Middle East – in places like Libya, Syria, and Yemen – we asked our Zintro experts to comment on how this destabilization… Read More

The bio-based economy

By Maureen Aylward With bio-this and bio-that in the lingo so much these days, we wanted to ask our Zintro experts how they defined the bio-based economy. Here is what… Read More

Impact investing is gaining traction and believers

By Maureen Aylward One of the fastest growing asset classes in institutional investing is impact investing. We asked our Zintro experts to tell us what they see as the real… Read More