A Glimpse of the Past with ‘Resurrection Ecology’

Lately, there have been a number of experiments in which scientists have revived various dormant organisms, some of which were discovered to be thousands of years old.  These experiments have… Read More

It Will Be Easier To Catch Criminals With The New Forensic Technology

The collaboration between Applied DNA Sciences and security company, SmokeCloak, has led to the creation of a fog-based security system, which traces intruders, using plant-based forensic markers. As soon as… Read More

Research In Europe Leading To Precise Measurements Of Food Content

Using the most recent DNA sequencing methods, European researchers were able to make accurate measurements of the amount of plant, animal and microbial organisms in foods. Throughout two different studies,… Read More

Can We Predict How Long We Are Going To Live?

Following a previous research, which revealed that longer telomeres on the ends of chromosomes could lead to a longer life, the new study helped researchers predict the life expectancy among… Read More

Horse Trading Gives A Boost To Science And A COOL Europe

Controversy has arrived with the New Year, as DNA testing revealed that horse meat has been used in beef burger production in meat plants in Ireland and the UK. One… Read More

Genomics Explaining Extreme Violence

Geneticists at the University of Connecticut, are planning to study the DNA of Adam Lanza, who murdered 20 first-graders and seven adults in Newtown, Connecticut. Researchers will try to discover… Read More

Should Human Genes Be Patented?

In late November, the Supreme Court was evaluating whether isolated genes are products of nature, which should not be patented or created by humans, therefore eligible for patent protection. Myriad… Read More

Zintro experts discuss GMO labeling

California is trying to enact a GMO labeling law that could have national consequences should it pass. But, the EU has had regulations in place for years. We asked our… Read More

What are experts in DNA/RNA/Cloning thinking about?

By Maureen Aylward We asked our Zintro experts about the most recent DNA/RNA/Cloning research and where it might be heading. We were also curious about how the research is being… Read More