4 Top Biotechnology Books of 2015

Biotechnologists harness cellular and biomolecular processes as they develop products and technologies and products that improve lives. As the year comes to a close, here’s a look at four of… Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Biochemical Engineering

Specialty Chemicals  We are a leading expert network firm working in partnership with Zintro. We are looking for experts on behalf of a financial institutional investor. Specifically we would like… Read More

“Evolving Coatings Industry, Emerging Technology-A look ahead…A glimpse at the past!” Presented by David A. Hurwitz

Zintro Webinar Series – Chemical Industry Insights & Innovation Session 1 Chemical Industry Insights & Innovation Series – Session 1 Presented by David A. Hurwitz Presenter’s Note: The coatings industry… Read More

Dow Chemical Plans U.S. Expansion

During the past ten years, Dow Chemical Co. moved chemical production to the Middle East and Asia. Changes are now in effect as Dow leads an enormous expansion in the… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Thermoplastic Industry Projects

Thermoplastic Manufacturer  I am an engineer looking for a manufacturer of Preformed Thermoplastic Airfield Markings for installation on airports…..more Thermoplastic Color Compounder  I want to set minimum work performance, through… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work on Rubber Industry Projects

Rubber Product Design Searching for potential factory/ supplier for producing a sticker-adhesive side guard for mobile phone (apple iphone 4) made of Rubber or Silicone or Soft PVC etc. We… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work Fertilizer Projects

Nitrogen Fertilizer Dear All, We are looking for experts in the following area. Urea/Ammonia fertilizer plant expert: Worldwide Location: Sub-Saharan Africa Temporary project 6-10months…more   Agricultural Experts Agricultural experts in… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work Injection molding Projects

Injection Moulding Considering bringing injection molding production in-house after several successful years of growth selling proprietary injection molded part. Need assistance with evaluation of ‘make or buy’ decision, production set… Read More

“I provided new information on groundbreaking innovations” – Moris Amon

 Dr. Moris Amon is a technical consultant in the fields of polymer processing, polymeric materials, and experimental design and data analysis. Amon has a diverse background that has provided him… Read More

Zintro is a reliable source – Regent Group

Regent Group, based in Washington, DC, is an international research and analysis firm that provides business, investment, strategic, and industry research services. It specializes in innovative research techniques to ensure… Read More

James Neu: “Zintro lets me be as efficient as possible with my time.”

After spending nearly 20 years as an expert in the nutritional supplement industry, James Neu had recently shifted into a new industry, the beer industry, but still wanted to use… Read More

Thoughts on chemical industry consolidation

By Maureen Aylward Recently, Lonza announced its acquisition of Arch Chemicals, which prompted us to wonder if the chemical industry will see further consolidation. We asked our Zintro experts to… Read More

Innovation in the polymer industry: Part 2

By Maureen Aylward The polymer industry is vast and has wide-reaching application, everything from medical devices to home products. But change is happening in the industry, and we asked our… Read More