Inquiry Roundup – Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing In Germany Hi, Looking for Industrial & Specialty Chemical Experts to share their expertise in understanding the following information for Silica and Silica Gel. 1. Production process 2…. Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Hello, I’m a management consultant working on a project for an electric heating company, and my team is looking for someone with expertise in specific electric heating applications… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Chemical Industry Consulting Projects

Zintro currently has numerous open projects related to the Chemical Industry.  A few of these projects are included below.  Click on the links below to see more detail about the projects Zintro  is a… Read More

Seeking Experts to work on Chemical Industry Consulting Projects

Laundry Detergent Toll Manufacturing I am currently working on a research project for detergent toll manufacturing. My focus is global and i want to find out top players for detergent… Read More

Seeking Experts to work on Chemical Industry Consulting Projects

Zintro is a business network that makes it easy for Clients (expert-seekers) to connect with Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements). Some… Read More

Experts share their thoughts on the chemical industry over the next 12-18 months

In an effort to keep tabs on different industries, we often go to our Zintro experts to learn more about the market influences that shape an industry over the next… Read More