Ebola Vaccine Begins Distribution

Last month, preliminary results on an Ebola vaccine in Guinea suggested it was 100 percent effective against the disease. As a result, Doctors Without Borders began to recommend distribution of… Read More

Follow Up: Medical Imaging May Diagnose Heart Disease

Last month Zintro experts discussed how researchers have come close to commercializing a new type of medical imaging technology with the potential of diagnosing heart disease. The system was introduced… Read More

Astra Zeneca Expects 75 Percent Revenue Growth by 2023

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot says that the company is on board for making $45 billion in revenue by 2023, which is 75 percent higher than 2013 sales. The reason for… Read More

A Step In The Right Direction

Facebook recently changed its policy granting users the option to post mastectomy photos. Survivors and advocates for a cure appreciate the chance to share their experiences and accurately portray breast… Read More

How To Prevent HPV Among Young Adults

Throughout the past few years, thanks to the HPV vaccine, there has been a dramatic decrease among teenage girls in HPV infection, which is considered to be one of the… Read More

Scientists Considering Caffeine As An Alternative Chemotherapy Treatment

Following a previous study, which showed that caffeine inhibits the pathways in cancer cells that control DNA repair, scientists at the University of Alberta are searching for new ways to… Read More

Integrating Nanoparticles Into Chemotherapy

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital designed novel, multi-functional, self assembled, near-infrared responsive gold nanorods, which can selectively target cancer cells by releasing a chemotherapy drug and triggering induction of… Read More