Inquiry Roundup- Aviation Industry

Aviation Valuation I have a class of Asset Valuation in Paris and we are supposed to compare Aviation companies such as BA, AF-KLM, LH, Easy Jet and Singapore Airlines. As… Read More

NY State and GE Partner for New Manufacturing Initiative

Governor Andrew Cuomo and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt announced that the state of New York is partnering with GE and other companies for a $500 million initiative to spur… Read More

Only Two Passengers Lose Lives in Plane Crash: Luck or Refined Safety Features Proving Effective?

On July 6 the Asiana 777 crashed while landing in San Francisco. While many passengers incurred injuries, miraculously, there were only two casualties. Some aviation consultants maintain that the high… Read More

Questioning The Feasibility and Safety Of The New Chinese High-Speed Rail Line

China has recently launched the world’s longest high-speed rail line, covering about 1,200 miles, with trains traveling 186 miles an hour from Beijing to Guangzhou, the main metropolis in southeastern China…. Read More

Air Travel Becoming Less Desirable

Air travel has become an unpleasant experience for millions of Americans because of increasing expenses, inconvenience, hours spent in airports and the stress of missing connections. Even though the Transportation… Read More

“Zintro is a unique method to promote services” – John Husko

John Husko is the president of a company that concentrates on aviation manufacturing, generating $35 million in annual revenues.  He has sales and management experience in the aviation aftermarket for… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Aerospace Industry Consulting Projects

Aerospace Industry Within a team of Russian management consultants we are looking for a professional expert support in the area of R&D process in aerospace industry. Desirable areas of expertise:R&D… Read More

More Zintro experts talk about drones

Drones for pizza delivery, drones used in war. Obviously, the technology is evolving and we wanted to know more about it. Zintro experts provide an overview, insights, and info on… Read More

“I am fortunate that Zintro exists,” Crabtree.

 Charles Crabtree is among those rare people who spent an entire career with one company: Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Corporation. Working his way from the bottom up, learning as he climbed… Read More

Drones: The “Now” Thing in Tech

   Drones for pizza delivery, drones used in war. Obviously, the technology is evolving and we wanted to know more about it. Zintro experts provide an overview, insights, and info… Read More

Stuart Matheson: “Zintro is good for client and consultant.”

Stuart Matheson, an aviation management consultant, offers support services to airlines, airports, and allied suppliers. Matheson received a Zintro inquiry from a client looking to create a military dashboard for… Read More

Airport safety is all about awareness

By Maureen Aylward Airport safety is nearly always in the news whether its full-body scanning devices or new policies on asking passengers questions. We asked our Zintro experts to comment… Read More

How does the increased use of airplane leasing impact the airlines industry?

In an industry dominated by fluctuating fuel costs, constant regulatory change, and  mergers and acquisitions; more and more airline companies have begun to lease their airplanes instead of purchasing them…. Read More