“Launching your Brand in Latin America Through Research & Clinical Studies” Presented by Abhita Batra

Zintro Webinar Presented by Abhita Batra, Co-Founder and Managing Director – Advanced Biopharma Consulting, LLC. Presenter’s Note: “Conducting Clinical Trials in LATAM market is considered a challenge. In today’s world companies… Read More

Inquiry Roundup: Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate   I’m looking for advice on how to structure debit syndication or placement to purchase an investment property (luxury duplex) in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Purchase… Read More

Dengue fever epidemic is spreading: Part 1

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K-Pop and Gangnam Style

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Impacts and issues around the US fiscal cliff

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Japan: The Sumo-Way Of Negotiating

“Difference is a concept you must own, deepen and further put into practice.” (H. Lefèbvre) In export business, success depends, among others, on the ability of managers to understand and… Read More