Blackberry Releases Passport for Professionals

Last week Blackberry introduced the square-screened Passport phone, the first major new device introduced globally by the company since John Chen was named Chief Executive Officer in November. The Passport,… Read More

China Mobile Offering iPhone

Consumers in China can now purchase iPhones. The partnership between Apple and China Mobile, the world’s largest network carrier, has finally come together, giving Apple access to a huge new… Read More

Apple and China Mobile Come to an Agreement

Apple and China Mobile have finally brokered a much-discussed telecommunications deal. China Mobile is the largest network carrier in the world, boasting approximately 700 million subscribers. Fifteen percent of Apple… Read More

Facebook Having Trouble With Computer Security

Programmer Khalil Shreateh recently hacked into Zuckerberg’s Facebook account to warn the company that users could easily post on anyone’s wall. Lately, high-tech companies have been relying more on help… Read More

The National Security Agency Might Be Violating Our Online Privacy

Several news sources have recently reported on PRISM, a secret program the National Security Agency has been using in order to get access to emails, documents, chat conversations and voice… Read More

Inkling Brings Interactive Features Into The Ebook Experience

San Francisco-based startup, Inkling has integrated high-end interactive features into its e-book app, providing book publishers a platform to create their content, upgrade their high-margin books and choose their own… Read More

Building A Collaborative Culture

Organizations face an increasingly complex and unpredictable competitive landscape, and one that is filled with new, aggressive competitors. Achieving more growth through greater innovation, searching for new business opportunities across… Read More

More on slumping PC sales

PC sales are starting to slump according to some industry reports. What’s behind the PC industry’s downturn? We put this question to our Zintro experts. Eugene Sherman, a computer consultant,… Read More

The Samsung and Apple verdict

What happens to both Apple and Samsung now that Apple has won the lawsuit that awarded it $1 billion? How does this affect the industry? J.H. Tech, a technologist, says… Read More

Apple at a Trillion: Is it a possibility?

Some analysts predict that Apple will become the first company valued at $1 trillion dollar in a few years. With stock prices hovering at $600 per share, what does a… Read More

Looking back at Steve Jobs’ legacy

One of the biggest stories of 2011 was the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO and innovator. In this post, Zintro experts take a look back at Steve Jobs’ legacy,… Read More

Android is a target for lawsuits

It looks like everyone is after the Android with a lawsuit or patent issue. The Wall Street Journal reports that Android is a target of continues litigation from Apple, Oracle,… Read More

Apple and Steve Jobs

By Maureen Aylward Steve Jobs is resigning from Apple. We asked our Zintro experts to comment on what affect this shift will have on the company. Schazin, former senior director… Read More

Smartphone rivalry: Apple vs. Samsung

By Maureen Aylward Recent news that Apple has taken over the top spot in the smartphone sector leads us to wondering about Samsung and Nokia. We asked our Zintro experts… Read More

Apple shifts on digital content guidelines

By  Maureen Aylward Apple relaxed its guidelines for selling digital content through its app store, opening the door for more publishers to offer content. We asked our Zintro experts about… Read More

Mobile phone industry shifts

The mobile phone industry is going through a shift – with consolidations and the recent news that Nokia is having issues with management and profits. We asked our Zintro experts… Read More