4 Top Biotechnology Books of 2015

Biotechnologists harness cellular and biomolecular processes as they develop products and technologies and products that improve lives. As the year comes to a close, here’s a look at four of… Read More

A Second Look at Insecticide Resistance in GM Crops

Last month Zintro spoke with George Vassiliou, a Professor of Pesticides and Ecotoxicology , about corn farmers’ concerns that some insects are resistant to genetically modified versions of crops. Vassiliou, who… Read More

U.S. Government Launches Local Food, Local Places

Rising consumer interest in locally grown food has turned it into a $7 billion industry. Truck farming, or small-scale fresh fruit and vegetable production, has led to over 8100 U.S…. Read More

Pesticide Use Increasing Among U.S. Corn Farmers

Corn farmers are becoming increasingly concerned that some insects are resistant to genetically modified versions of crops. As a result, the use of pesticides among U.S. farmers is surging. When… Read More

Record Crop Production in Canada to Affect Prices?

Statistics Canada estimates record-large crops of wheat and canola despite a late start to spring seeding. Statistics Canada released their November Production of Principal Field Crops report on December 4,… Read More

Congress Supports Proposed Cut in Farm Subsidies

A proposed $100 million-a-year cut in crop insurance subsidies has the support of both houses of Congress. The House of Representatives has endorsed a decrease in the amount of money… Read More

Ride Sharing Applications Help During Subway Strike

San Francisco Bay Area’s recent subway system strike negatively affected hundreds of thousands of passengers, which encouraged heavy usage of ride sharing apps such as Lyft, Sidecar and Uber. These… Read More

“We could perfectly consult our client on the African market with Zintro” – Marc Zander

Marc Zander gained profound knowledge on African markets for more than 15 years, living and working in several African countries and specializing in various areas including sales, banking, agriculture, financial… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work Fertilizer Projects

Nitrogen Fertilizer Dear All, We are looking for experts in the following area. Urea/Ammonia fertilizer plant expert: Worldwide Location: Sub-Saharan Africa Temporary project 6-10months…more   Agricultural Experts Agricultural experts in… Read More

US Midwest drought drives up costs and concerns

With the drought in the US Midwest continuing, we asked our Zintro experts about the repercussions and impacts for the agricultural economy in the US and globally as food prices… Read More

Heirloom varieties of endangered fruits and vegetables make a comeback

The drive behind growing many heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables being grown in small backyard gardens and large CSAs is to save endangered fruits and vegetables from going away… Read More

Food manufacturing and food safety

By Maureen Aylward Food safely is a concern to us all. And, food manufacturing processes and safety issues are nearly constantly in the news. We asked our Zintro experts to… Read More

What effect will ending ethanol subsidies have?

By Maureen Aylward With the US Senate taking aim at ending ethanol subsidies, change may be ahead for the ethanol industry. Will ending these subsidies have an effect of the industry?… Read More

The demand for minerals

By  Maureen Aylward We turned to our Zintro experts to find out about how the demand for minerals is changing the face of the mining industry. Nirmalendu Bandyopadhyay, an independent… Read More

Global food prices are rising. Zintro experts explain.

By  Maureen Aylward Oxfam reports that global food prices are accelerating, a trend that will continue to add to the global food crisis. Oxfam predicts that climate change will be… Read More

Impact investing is gaining traction and believers

By Maureen Aylward One of the fastest growing asset classes in institutional investing is impact investing. We asked our Zintro experts to tell us what they see as the real… Read More