Artie Scheff: “Zintro is the only online place that I know about that is able to connect the right inquiry with the right consultant.”

Artie Scheff is President of Scheff Special, a company he founded after 25 years of award-winning work for broadcast affiliates and cable networks. He joined Zintro as an expert in… Read More

Richard Seale – “It was rewarding to know that my expertise was useful to someone”

Richard Seale is an expert in machinery design and a consultant, inventor, and entrepreneur.  He has extensive experience in photo bio-reactor design and testing, energetic materials development, especially the formulation… Read More

Dinesh Seksaria – “I was able to meet her need for information…”

As a consultant to vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers, Dinesh Seksaria brings more than 40 years experience in sub-systems for automotive, military, and industrial vehicle markets. He is an expert… Read More

Seth Cohen — “ The response rate is excellent. Most responses arrive within a day…”

Seth Cohen is the founder and managing partner of Eleven Canterbury, a firm that provides a collaborative platform for senior financial services executives who wish to leverage their experience to… Read More

Mark McHugh – “…an opportunity to market my consultancy services and put my expertise to work.”

Mark McHugh is President and CEO of CenAm Energy Partners, a consulting and investment advisory firm focused on the oil and energy industry in Latin America. He is an expert… Read More

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Expert – “The opportunities at Zintro are endless…”

Eric Lituchy is an expert in digital marketing, e-commerce, direct marketing, and online strategy experience. Recently, Lituchy decided the time was right to start his own digital marketing agency and… Read More

Food Scientist, Chef, and Regulatory Affairs & Operations Expert makes Zintro “Part of my Regular Business Routine”

Jack Parker is a food scientist, chef, and regulatory affairs and operations expert with over 25 years experience in a variety of food and beverage industry capacities. He is also… Read More

Transportation & Logistics Expert Finds a New Client and a New Perspective on his own Business

Robert Lilja is an expert in the areas of transportation and logistics warehousing, small business management, and ocean freight and domestic distribution. He is also the co-owner and president of… Read More

Zintro success story: David Dodson, founder of Project Healthy Children “Zintro is like having your own expert panel”

David Dodson is a private investor, Stanford University professor, and founder of Project Healthy Children, a non-profit that works with governments and private industry to establish food fortification programs that improve… Read More

Zintro Success Story: Brian Gladstein, Principal of Explorics – “Zintro is a platform that provides professionals a place to build their reputations and trust in an online environment”

Brian Gladstein is Principle at Explorics, a market testing, go-to market design, and market research consulting firm based in Framingham, MA. Gladstein strategically uses the Zintro platform as a successful… Read More

Hard Money Lender Finds Two New Clients on Zintro

Since 1994 MN-Capital-Raising has owned, invested in or provided advice to real estate related businesses. He has deep experience in raising debt and equity capital from an international base of… Read More

Rob Gallo’s First Zintro Consult

Rob Gallo is an expert in the online gambling industry.  His Zintro bio starts out “I have been in the online gaming industry, (casino and poker) since 1997 when I… Read More

Zintro Success Story: Mike Brunett – “Zintro provides a platform that allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a strategic moment of reflection”

By Maureen Aylward As a new feature of our blog, we will periodically highlight a Zintro user (expert or client) success story. We hope that by hearing another Zintro user’s… Read More