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Rosetta Completes 10-Year Trip into Deep Space

The European spacecraft Rosetta reached its final destination on a 10-year trip into deep space. According to the European Space Agency, they launched the probe in 2004 to orbit the… Read More

Orion Scheduled for December Test

Although NASA’s Orion capsule will not have its first flight test for six more months, agency engineers are getting excited about what they will learn. They designed the spacecraft to… Read More

Lockheed Martin Awarded $915 USAF Contract

The U.S. Air Force awarded a $915 million contract to Lockheed Martin Corp. to build a radar system to detect small space debris. The ‘space junk’ is orbiting waste that… Read More

Should Space Station Funding Be a Greater Priority?

The White House and NASA announced in a joint statement that they would like to keep the International Space Station (ISS) open through 2024, an extension of four years. According… Read More

Did You Say ‘Wifi Internet Access Everywhere’?

This month Google launches the pilot run for Project Loon. If successful, the enterprise will provide Internet access to remote areas while also improving current coverage. The venture floats 30… Read More

How Texting Aliens Could Affect Humanity

Next week, a startup working in a new sub-field of space exploration called METI (messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence) will begin transmitting text messages and photos toward atmospheres thought to be… Read More

Remembering Neil Armstrong

We asked our Zintro experts to remember Neil Armstrong and his legacy. Duncan Lunan, an astronomy and space educator, says that aside from his outstanding achievements as an X-15 pilot… Read More

“It’s likely my relationship with this client will continue.” – Charles Ivie

Charles Ivie is a retired NASA research scientist, astronomer, and space craft systems designer. He has worked in the aerospace and science arena for over 40 years. Most of that… Read More

Orbital debris as a problem

We asked our Zintro experts to tell us if orbital debris is a real problem and how it might impact the future of space exploration. Frans von der Dunk, a… Read More