Success Story: Dimitris Papadopoulos

Dimitris Papadopoulos recently joined Zintro as a marketing and advertising consultant with expertise in fashion apparel and sporting goods in Europe.  His specialties are designing marketing plans, branding and positioning,… Read More

Can Staples Begin to Compete in the Online Arena?

Staples recently acquired Runa, a 2009 e-commerce personalization start-up, to compete on a new level in the online marketplace. Runa designed the PerfectOffer service to provide automated, data-driven customized offers,… Read More

What To Expect From Gluten-Free Labels

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration defined 20 parts per million as the gluten limit found in products, which have the gluten-free label. The purpose of the new ruling… Read More

“Zintro Has A Bigger Role In Helping New Businesses” – Nizar Kasaballi

Nizar Kasaballi is an experienced senior director in business development, specialized in market research, banking, retail store management, media audience measurements, electronics and manufacturing. Kasaballi has a proven track record… Read More

New Ways To Compete With Online Retailers

Physical stores are competing with online retailers to reduce the data gap and detailed customer information online stores have been taking advantage of. Department stores including Target and Macy’s have… Read More

How Will Customers React To The New Whole Foods Practice?

Whole Foods Market, carrying thousands of certified products, which are free of genetically modified ingredients, announced its decision to implement its new practice on transparency. The upscale chain of healthy… Read More

Integrating Robotics Into The Supply Chain: Part 2

As manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers have recently been integrating robotics more into their operations, there is still high demand and need for skilled workers, especially in periods of… Read More

Integrating Robotics Into The Supply Chain

After acquiring the robot manufacturer, Kiva in March for almost a billion dollars, Amazon had to take 50,000 additional temporary workers for the holiday season. Although robots help warehouse workers… Read More

Walmart vs. Amazon in same day delivery

As we head into the holiday shopping season, giant retailers Walmart and Amazon are going head to head over same day delivery. We wanted to get the deal from Zintro… Read More

Fulfillment Tips for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

If interested in starting a new business venture and not sure what, it might be wise to consider an ecommerce website. According to analyst Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research, consumers… Read More

Joel Goldsmith: “Zintro brings new opportunities right to your door.”

Joel Goldsmith, a consultant that specializing in placing products at retailers, has spent many years selling more than $1 billion of various products to national retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Best… Read More

More on pop up retail stores

No longer just a Halloween phenomenon, pop up stores are evolving into engines of economic development in downtowns and areas that have languished with vacant store fronts. We asked our… Read More

Pop up retail is ready for primetime

No longer just a Halloween phenomenon, pop up stores are evolving into engines of economic development in downtowns and areas that have languished with vacant store fronts. We asked our… Read More

Digital receipts gaining speed

By Maureen Aylward Several large retailers, like Gap and Nordstrom, are shifting away from paper receipts in favor of digital receipts. We asked our Zintro experts to comment on the… Read More

Local food and big retailers

By Maureen Aylward Walmart, Supervalu, Safeway and other retailers in the US are increasing their locally grown produce selection to save on transportation costs and appeal to consumer preferences. We… Read More

What’s going on with Big Box Retail?

By Maureen Aylward Office Depot and Best Buy have announced that they will reduce their existing square footage in the US by 10 percent. Will other big-box retailers follow suit?… Read More