FAA to Test Drones in Six States

International sales of civilian and military drones are expected to reach $89 million over the next decade. Civilian unmanned aircraft (UAV) in the U.S. is a new venture and the… Read More

Shoppers to Access Amazon Across Platforms

Brand Republic recently posted an interview with Amazon‘s global vice-president of advertising sales, Lisa Utzschneider. The article discussed the evolution in the way people shop. Amazon’s goal is to move… Read More

Maserati Introduces The Ghibli: An Attempt To Increase Sales By Targeting New Market Segment

For almost 100 years Maserati has been supplying the wealthiest people in the world with some of the most expensive, exotic cars on the road. Come September the company will… Read More

Jay-Z and Samsung: Will Recent Deal Impact The Music Distribution Channel?

Jay-Z’s new album titled Magna Carta Holy Grail is scheduled to hit shelves July 4. The announcement was made in a Samsung advertisement that aired June 16 during the NBA finals…. Read More

What Google Banning Facial Recognition Means For Software’s Development: Not Much

Google recently cited privacy concerns as justification for updating company policies to ban applications that use facial recognition software from their Google Glass product. As Google moves forward updating the… Read More

“I’m glad to be a member of Zintro.” Ed Pettersen.

“I’m glad to be a member of Zintro.”   Ed Pettersen. Ed Pettersen is an experienced store design/visual merchandising professional who creates immersive, entertaining,   and innovative retail spaces. He recently helped… Read More