An Alternative To Solve Parking Problems: Automated Garages

German automated system designer, Paul Stolzer created an automated garage, which parks and returns cars in only a few minutes. The system optimizes the required space with pallets moving vertically… Read More

Gigwalk Could Create Employment Opportunities

Using algorithms and geo-location, the online employment company, Gigwalk, monitors and models employee behavior, helping companies recruit productive temps without having to interview candidates. At the beginning, Gigwalk assigns relatively… Read More

Scientists Develop Ability To Pattern Liquids Into Arbitrarily Shaped Microstructures

Researchers at North Carolina State University discovered a way to pattern liquids into arbitrarily shaped microstructures using 3D printing. The team found an alloy of gallium and indium that’s liquid… Read More

Did You Say ‘Wifi Internet Access Everywhere’?

This month Google launches the pilot run for Project Loon. If successful, the enterprise will provide Internet access to remote areas while also improving current coverage. The venture floats 30… Read More

Lab-Grown Leather: What Will PETA Think?

Instead of using tissue engineering for medical purposes, one company is using the technology to generate lab-grown leather and eventually meat. While the meat is still years from being distributed… Read More

“Zintro makes our connections with our ultimate dream clients and partners a reality” – Tichaona Revesai

Tichaona Revesai is a divisional executive, specializing in feed mill design and installation, animal feed formulations, hydroponics and acquaponics, technologies which all have helped big and small-medium scale operators increase… Read More

How To Prevent HPV Among Young Adults

Throughout the past few years, thanks to the HPV vaccine, there has been a dramatic decrease among teenage girls in HPV infection, which is considered to be one of the… Read More

New Approaches To Stem Cell Research

As of today, a wide range of cell reprogramming techniques exist to be used for tissue development and drug testing. Gene therapy, which is the most common approach, uses retrovirus… Read More

Will Tesla’s Battery-Swap Encourage A Shift To Electric Cars?

After revealing free and fast nationwide electric car charging stations in early 2013, Tesla recently uncovered its new, automated battery-swap system. The Model S battery swap took place in about… Read More

Tesla’s New Strategy To Make The Electric Car More Appealing

After revealing free and fast nationwide electric car charging stations in early 2013, Tesla uncovered its new, automated battery-swap system. The Model S battery swap took place in about 95… Read More

How Texting Aliens Could Affect Humanity

Next week, a startup working in a new sub-field of space exploration called METI (messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence) will begin transmitting text messages and photos toward atmospheres thought to be… Read More

With Silver, New Types Of Antibiotics Will Be Stronger

Led by James Collins, a team of biomedical engineers at Boston University, discovered silver’s ability to attack bacteria by creating more permeable cell membranes and intervening with the cell metabolism,… Read More

“Working with Zintro has allowed me to build my client base” – Rita Kelley

Rita Kelley is the Principal at Shoreline Consulting, LLC, a commercialization and product development consulting firm, focusing on business development, brand management and global marketing. Kelley is a commercialization specialist… Read More

“First Experience With Zintro Was A Big Success” – David Cavanaugh

David Cavanaugh has dedicated more than 20 years to the information technology industry and is an expert in the selection and deployment of open source technologies for large-scale global requirements…. Read More

What Google Banning Facial Recognition Means For Software’s Development: Not Much

Google recently cited privacy concerns as justification for updating company policies to ban applications that use facial recognition software from their Google Glass product. As Google moves forward updating the… Read More

It Will Be Easier To Catch Criminals With The New Forensic Technology

The collaboration between Applied DNA Sciences and security company, SmokeCloak, has led to the creation of a fog-based security system, which traces intruders, using plant-based forensic markers. As soon as… Read More