Are Driverless Cars Inevitable?

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The Rising Popularity of Bitcoin

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Can Gas Tank Sensors Save Energy?

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FAA to Test Drones in Six States

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The Difference in Apple’s Approach to Supply Chain Management

According to Apple’s fiscal 2014 capital-expenditure forecast, the company is spending billions of dollars on designing and inventing cutting-edge technology that aids in its manufacturing process. Apple CEO Tim Cook… Read More

World View Offers Suborbital Balloon Rides

Startup Worldview Enterprises in Tucson, Arizona, plans to offer commercial suborbital balloon rides to reach heights of 19 miles. Although outer space is generally considered to be beyond 62 miles,… Read More

Project of the Week: Power Conversion Startup on CEO Search Offers $20k for Placement

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How Should Microsoft Proceed After Ballmer’s Departure

In late August, Microsoft’s chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer declared his intention to retire in the near future. Last Thursday, Ballmer made his final appearance in front of the company… Read More

Why Google Has Been Blocking Microsoft’s YouTube App

Due to a disagreement between the two companies, Google blocked the YouTube app for Windows Phone again, upon Microsoft’s relaunch of the non-HTML5 version last week. Google had disabled the… Read More

Automated Garages Could Solve Parking Problems

German automated system designer, Paul Stolzer created an automated garage, which parks and returns cars in just a few minutes. The system optimizes the required space with pallets moving vertically… Read More

Recognizing The Long-Term Contributions Henrietta Lacks Made To Medical Research

For more than half a century, Henrietta Lacks’ cancer cells have been used for worldwide biomedical research. After her death at age 31 in 1951, HeLa cells have been a… Read More

MixBit Will Change The Way We Create Videos

YouTube founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen will soon be launching MixBit, their new video creation app. With the help of this new app and the platform, users can… Read More

Will Passengers Choose To Travel With Hyperloop?

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, uncovered Hyperloop, his new design, that will connect Los Angeles to San Francisco and which could be an alternative to current high-speed… Read More

Ride Sharing Applications Help During Subway Strike

San Francisco Bay Area’s recent subway system strike negatively affected hundreds of thousands of passengers, which encouraged heavy usage of ride sharing apps such as Lyft, Sidecar and Uber. These… Read More

Acknowledging Henrietta Lacks And Her Contribution To Genetic Research

For more than half a century, Henrietta Lacks’ cancer cells have been used for worldwide biomedical research. After her death at age 31 in 1951, HeLa cells have made significant… Read More

Online Employment May Lead To Successful Projects

Using algorithms and geo-location, Gigwalk, the online employment company, monitors and models employee behavior, helping companies recruit productive temps without having to interview candidates. Initially, Gigwalk assigns relatively simple tasks… Read More