Inquiry Roundup – Construction

Hospital EPC We are an authorized Zintro partner and are seeking to connect with experts who can comment on certain facets relating Hospital engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) globally. View… Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Automation

Automation Engineering  Automation Engineer – Bergen County NJ – Pharmaceutical Experience!! ** US CITIZENS ONLY ** Essential Job Function: 1. The ability to develop (not modify), test, and commission Allen… Read More

Success Story: Tom Kirkland

Zintro expert Tom Kirkland is an engineer with extensive experience in thermoplastics joining, particularly ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate, thermal stake/insert, spin weld and laser weld. He shares his experience working… Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Glass Industry

Glass Industry Hello,We are a company that manufacture windows and doors. I need help in redefining a complete list of glasses and options for the different products.View Inqury Automotive Glass… Read More

SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers and BMW Group Invest $200M

After already investing $100 million in the facility, SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers and BMW Group announced plans to invest $200 million to triple carbon fiber (CF) capacity at their plant… Read More

What To Expect From Gluten-Free Labels

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration defined 20 parts per million as the gluten limit found in products, which have the gluten-free label. The purpose of the new ruling… Read More

Lab-Grown Leather: What Will PETA Think?

Instead of using tissue engineering for medical purposes, one company is using the technology to generate lab-grown leather and eventually meat. While the meat is still years from being distributed… Read More

“Zintro has a great network and I can’t wait for my next client engagement” – Johannes Michalski

Johannes Michalski is an automotive executive with extensive knowledge of original equipment manufacturers and supplier networks around the world including North America, Europe and Mexico. Having specialized in startups, business… Read More

Auto industry trends in the next three to five years

The auto industry is always changing one way or another, but it is being faced with some serious challenges, from greater regulation on emissions to addressing its role in the… Read More

Horse Trading Gives A Boost To Science And A COOL Europe

Controversy has arrived with the New Year, as DNA testing revealed that horse meat has been used in beef burger production in meat plants in Ireland and the UK. One… Read More

Zintro experts discuss Auto Industry trends

The auto industry is always changing one way or another, but it is being faced with some serious challenges, from greater regulation on emissions to addressing its role in the… Read More

Integrating Robotics Into The Supply Chain: Part 2

As manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers have recently been integrating robotics more into their operations, there is still high demand and need for skilled workers, especially in periods of… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Paper Industry Consulting Projects

Paper Industry  I want to appoint Distributors all across the globe to sell MG Kraft Paper for wrapping, lamination & packing applications……more Paper and Paper Product Manufacturing  I’m in the middle… Read More

Expanding The 3D Printing Technology Into New Industries

With 3D printing, designers have turned digital models into precise objects and leading companies are exploring zero-gravity 3D printing for the aerospace industry. However, Silicon Valley and venture capitalists haven’t… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Food and Beverage Industry Consulting Projects

Juice and Beverage Industry I am looking for experts in the juice and beverage industry in Europe (France, UK, Germany and Poland)for a 1h phone consultation.We would like to get… Read More

Seeking experts to work on Automotive industry consulting projects

Automotive Parts Purchasing experts for axles, wheel and wheel-ends for Commercial vehicles and trailers in North America…more Automotive Logistics in Europe We are working on a project for better understanding of… Read More