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Senator Ed Markey Introduces Legislation to Repeal Medical Device Tax

According to the Boston Globe, “Senator Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, introduced legislation Tuesday to repeal the 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices, a two-year-old levy that has… Read More

ABC Deals with Poor Economic Growth

Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. has set aside additional money to cover future bad loans, amid the country’s economic  slowdown. The lender has more retail customers than the entire population… Read More

NY State and GE Partner for New Manufacturing Initiative

Governor Andrew Cuomo and General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt announced that the state of New York is partnering with GE and other companies for a $500 million initiative to spur… Read More

Follow Up: Federal Government Agency Moves to the Cloud

There was such a great response to last week’s post about the General Services Administration (GSA) that we decided to continue the conversation this week. The GSA is in the… Read More

Federal Government Agency Moves to the Cloud

The General Services Administration is in the middle of a multiyear initiative to move core federal government agency systems to the cloud—a network of Internet-hosted remote services—to manage and process… Read More

Featured Expert: Dr. James Kadtke

Dr. James Kadtke has nearly 30 years of experience in the areas of science and technology, national security, and business. He is an expert on technology, business strategy, federal relations… Read More

Congress Supports Proposed Cut in Farm Subsidies

A proposed $100 million-a-year cut in crop insurance subsidies has the support of both houses of Congress. The House of Representatives has endorsed a decrease in the amount of money… Read More

U.S. Government Forms Behavioral Insights Team

The U.S. government is recruiting members for a Behavioral Insights Team with the goal of studying human behavior to “design public policies that work better, cost less, and help people… Read More

Will Recent Amendment To Chinese Litigation Help Rebalance Country’s Demographics?

A recent addition to litigation in China now asks citizens to take care of their elderly parents. Since government-provided assistance for the elderly is limited, older individuals depend on their… Read More

Will Obama’s New Action Plan Mitigate Climate Change?

President Obama’s new climate action plan commits the U.S. to lower carbon emissions to 17% below those recorded in 2005 by the year 2020. The agenda proposes that this be… Read More

Whitey Bulger: Vigilante or Organized Criminal?

Whitey Bulger: a criminal formerly operating in South Boston or, as local myths suggest, local vigilante? Regardless, he was arrested in June 2011 at the age of 81, and last… Read More

The National Security Agency Might Be Violating Our Online Privacy

Several news sources have recently reported on PRISM, a secret program the National Security Agency has been using in order to get access to emails, documents, chat conversations and voice… Read More

Brand New Technology To Detect Invisible Nuclear Materials

Hoping to find a new technique to detect invisible nuclear materials, scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory developed laser-driven neutrons. The laser technology produces neutrons at over 150 million… Read More

Will Bitcoin Facilitate Our Transactions?

Bitcoin, the digital currency, whose creation is based on open source encryption, was designed to prevent counterfeiting and have an electronic payment platform, which isn’t regulated by any central government…. Read More

President Obama’s Investment In Neuroscience Research

President Obama will be investing $100 million in 2014 to the new neuroscience research initiative named Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies also called “Brain”. Supported by the National Institutes… Read More

Membership organizations must rethink methods to attract professionals

Despite the recession, conferences and industry membership organizations continue to host annual, regional, and local events. Zintro asked membership organizations how they are faring in a slow economy and what… Read More