Inquiry Roundup- Flavor Industry

Spice And Seasoning Looking for expert to create recipe for seasoning pack for flavor and thickening of a popular local food dish. Must have knowledge of popular food ingredients for… Read More

Oxfam Sees Threats to Food Security

Development charity Oxfam recently stated that the world is “woefully unprepared” for threats to food security, which are a result of drought and floods. Oxfam reported that extreme weather patterns,… Read More

Inquiry Roundup – Hotel Industry

Hotel Industry In Africa  We are looking for an expert from Hotel Industry, having thorough knowledge on African hotels. We are looking to understand the average room rates in Nigeria,… Read More

McDonald’s and VISA’s Collaboration Backfire: See What They Accidentally Reveal About Living on Minimum Wage

McDonald’s and VISA collaborated on the development of a new website aimed at helping McDonald’s employees learn how to budget their expenses. While the gesture may seem nice in theory,… Read More

What To Expect From Gluten-Free Labels

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration defined 20 parts per million as the gluten limit found in products, which have the gluten-free label. The purpose of the new ruling… Read More

A Regular Sleep Pattern Could Help Us Control Our Diet

It was revealed in a new study that sleep deprivation leads to a tendency to eat more than usual and gain weight. Significant changes caused by sleep deprivation highly affect… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Organic Food Projects

Organic Food I’m working on having my own line of products, organic super green food powder manufacturers in europe .Manufacturers of molecular distilled fish oil (drill, anchovy or sardine oil) in… Read More

Will There Be Any Supermarkets Left By 2050?

In 1910, the four largest companies in American food sales accounted for less than 4% of the market. This statistic rose to 37% in 2010 and was expected to continue… Read More

“Zintro makes our connections with our ultimate dream clients and partners a reality” – Tichaona Revesai

Tichaona Revesai is a divisional executive, specializing in feed mill design and installation, animal feed formulations, hydroponics and acquaponics, technologies which all have helped big and small-medium scale operators increase… Read More

Did Cutting 1.5 Trillion Calories from Circulation in U.S. Help Fight Obesity?

In 2009 the number of obese Americans exceeded 72 million (26.7% of American adults). In an attempt to mitigate this issue, 16 of the country’s largest food and beverage companies… Read More

“I was able to get my first consult request quickly” – John Thorne

John Thorne has over 30 years of restaurant and hotel management expertise by working as a consultant with organizations such as Marriott, Denny’s, KFC, and TCBY. Through the Zintro system,… Read More

Research In Europe Leading To Precise Measurements Of Food Content

Using the most recent DNA sequencing methods, European researchers were able to make accurate measurements of the amount of plant, animal and microbial organisms in foods. Throughout two different studies,… Read More

Zintro has an effective follow up team – John Flanyak

John Flanyak is a specialist in food chemistry, confectionery technology, product development, educational training programs, quality systems, food safety and security. He is retired from the food industry after 40… Read More

How Will Customers React To The New Whole Foods Practice?

Whole Foods Market, carrying thousands of certified products, which are free of genetically modified ingredients, announced its decision to implement its new practice on transparency. The upscale chain of healthy… Read More

Zintro fishing industry experts tackle complex concerns: Part 2

We asked Zintro fishing industry experts to provide an overview of the issues that keep them awake at night, whether it is ocean acidification’s impact on the shellfish industry, tighter… Read More

Whole Foods Moves Toward More Transparent Retailing

Whole Foods Market, the upscale chain of natural foods, will be the first national grocery store to implement a new initiative, which will make it obligatory to label products containing… Read More