Future In Mobile Device Technology: Mind-Control

Samsung formed a partnership with the University of Texas to discover a wide range of applications for the brain-computer interface technology, which will offer several new ways to communicate with… Read More

“The Zintro process is so smooth and easy”- Trish Messiter

Trish Messiter, an expert in engineering management, has extensive experience in embedded software design and development, primarily focused on wireless networks and technologies. Over the years, she gained expertise in… Read More

Medical Lasers And Their Surgical And Therapeutic Applications

Lasers are now widely used in surgical and therapeutic clinical specialties. Although lasers were invented in the 1960s and gained some level of acceptance among ophthalmologists in the 1970s, they… Read More

How Far The Wireless Technology Can Go

Silicon Valley technology company, AOptix will soon be implementing its wireless fiber technology, which is capable of beaming multiple gigabits of voice and data capacity over mobile carriers’ existing networks… Read More

How Mind-Control Will Change Mobile Device Technology

Samsung and the University of Texas have formed a partnership to elaborate on the wide range of applications for the brain-computer interface technology, which will offer several new ways to… Read More

How Fast Will We Adopt Wearable Computing Technologies?

While Google is on the verge of introducing Google Glass to the market, there has recently been increased competition over augmented reality products including Microsoft, Apple with iWatch as well… Read More

Will We See More Self-driving Cars In The Near Future?

As Google is working on making its self-driving cars fully-automated, they haven’t fully adapted to the current infrastructure and traffic laws yet. Moreover, Google cars tend to be distracting for… Read More

Seeking Experts To Mobile App Projects

Mobile Development Senior Mobile Developer / Mobile Architect Hand-on developer with Mobile OS architecture experience (Android and iOS) What you’ll be doing: In this role, you’ll be leading the development… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work Injection molding Projects

Injection Moulding Considering bringing injection molding production in-house after several successful years of growth selling proprietary injection molded part. Need assistance with evaluation of ‘make or buy’ decision, production set… Read More

Zintro experts discuss Auto Industry trends

The auto industry is always changing one way or another, but it is being faced with some serious challenges, from greater regulation on emissions to addressing its role in the… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Power Plant Projects

Nuclear Plant I would like to request your expertise for a project on operational excellence in nuclear power plants in former Soviet Union. We are looking for senior professionals with… Read More

Integrating Robotics Into The Supply Chain

After acquiring the robot manufacturer, Kiva in March for almost a billion dollars, Amazon had to take 50,000 additional temporary workers for the holiday season. Although robots help warehouse workers… Read More

Expanding The 3D Printing Technology Into New Industries

With 3D printing, designers have turned digital models into precise objects and leading companies are exploring zero-gravity 3D printing for the aerospace industry. However, Silicon Valley and venture capitalists haven’t… Read More

Future of Quantum Mechanics

2012 Nobel Prize winners, physicist David Wineland and Serge Haroche were able to apply quantum superposition in a real-world experiment, where an atom was immobile and in motion simultaneously and… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Oil and Gas Projects

Water Drilling We need water drilling expert with drilling rig(s)to be a business partiner with our Company in Tanzania.we will share inputs in the project and the resulting net profit… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Electrical Engineering Consulting Projects

Electrical Engineering And Design We are looking for a licensed California electrical engineer with design experience in process control, instrumentation controls, transmitters, power distribution (480v power distribution – low voltage)…. Read More