MixBit Will Change The Way We Create Videos

YouTube founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen will soon be launching MixBit, their new video creation app. With the help of this new app and the MixBit.com platform, users can… Read More

Will Passengers Choose To Travel With Hyperloop?

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, uncovered Hyperloop, his new design, that will connect Los Angeles to San Francisco and which could be an alternative to current high-speed… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Hello, I’m a management consultant working on a project for an electric heating company, and my team is looking for someone with expertise in specific electric heating applications… Read More

Acknowledging Henrietta Lacks And Her Contribution To Genetic Research

For more than half a century, Henrietta Lacks’ cancer cells have been used for worldwide biomedical research. After her death at age 31 in 1951, HeLa cells have made significant… Read More

An Alternative To Solve Parking Problems: Automated Garages

German automated system designer, Paul Stolzer created an automated garage, which parks and returns cars in only a few minutes. The system optimizes the required space with pallets moving vertically… Read More

“Vision and simplicity of Zintro is unmatched and works wonders globally” – Krishna Burli

Nonlife risk management consultant, Krishna Burli has a background in electrical engineering and extensive knowledge in risk management and international insurance brokerage. Having decades of experience in the industry, Burli… Read More

“Zintro benefits me by providing me a continuous stream of potential clients” – Jeff Stollman

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Scientists Develop Ability To Pattern Liquids Into Arbitrarily Shaped Microstructures

Researchers at North Carolina State University discovered a way to pattern liquids into arbitrarily shaped microstructures using 3D printing. The team found an alloy of gallium and indium that’s liquid… Read More

New Approaches To Stem Cell Research

As of today, a wide range of cell reprogramming techniques exist to be used for tissue development and drug testing. Gene therapy, which is the most common approach, uses retrovirus… Read More

Will Tesla’s Battery-Swap Encourage A Shift To Electric Cars?

After revealing free and fast nationwide electric car charging stations in early 2013, Tesla recently uncovered its new, automated battery-swap system. The Model S battery swap took place in about… Read More

Tesla’s New Strategy To Make The Electric Car More Appealing

After revealing free and fast nationwide electric car charging stations in early 2013, Tesla uncovered its new, automated battery-swap system. The Model S battery swap took place in about 95… Read More

With Silver, New Types Of Antibiotics Will Be Stronger

Led by James Collins, a team of biomedical engineers at Boston University, discovered silver’s ability to attack bacteria by creating more permeable cell membranes and intervening with the cell metabolism,… Read More

“First Experience With Zintro Was A Big Success” – David Cavanaugh

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What Google Banning Facial Recognition Means For Software’s Development: Not Much

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“Looking forward to helping more clients in the future thanks to Zintro” – Eric Rivers

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New Touch Screen Technology To Increase Productivity

Interactive designer, Obscura Digital and office furniture manufacturer, Haworth are collaborating to develop a new touch screen, called Bluescape, which will cover an entire conference-room wall, displaying images on 15… Read More