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NIH Spends More Funding Dollars in Massachusetts

A recent MIT study found Massachusetts receives $351 in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) compared to the $88 received by California. The Economist theorized that the high… Read More

Crop Biotechnology Impact on Developing Countries Part 1

According to an annual report from PG Economics, farmers in developing countries can benefit from GMO crops, particularly corn, soybeans, cotton, and canola. The report–GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental… Read More

Success Story: Muhammad Anees

Zintro expert Muhammad Anees is a statistical consultant and econometric advisor. He currently teaches at the first QS-rated university in Pakistan and online at his eLearning portal. After earning an… Read More

College Enrollment Down for Second Year

Student enrollment at colleges and universities in the U.S. declined in 2013 for the second year in a row. The U.S. Census Bureau announced last week that total enrollment dropped… Read More

Success Story: Sokol Bojaj

Sokol Bojaj is a senior executive with over 20 years of Financial and Operational experience in both distressed and high growth companies. His experience includes working capital initiative, corporate solvency,… Read More

ABC Deals with Poor Economic Growth

Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. has set aside additional money to cover future bad loans, amid the country’s economic  slowdown. The lender has more retail customers than the entire population… Read More

How Customer Service Is Changing in Financial Sector

USAA and Geico Corp. are just two of the financial firms that have developed mobile apps for customer service purposes. Instead of calling customer service to talk to a representative,… Read More

Record Crop Production in Canada to Affect Prices?

Statistics Canada estimates record-large crops of wheat and canola despite a late start to spring seeding. Statistics Canada released their November Production of Principal Field Crops report on December 4,… Read More

Congress Supports Proposed Cut in Farm Subsidies

A proposed $100 million-a-year cut in crop insurance subsidies has the support of both houses of Congress. The House of Representatives has endorsed a decrease in the amount of money… Read More

Prevalence of Securities Fraud: $700 Million Case in San Francisco

The Department of Justice recently filed felony charges against Walter and Kelly Ng in what may be the largest securities fraud case in California’s history. It involves more than $700… Read More

Will Recent Amendment To Chinese Litigation Help Rebalance Country’s Demographics?

A recent addition to litigation in China now asks citizens to take care of their elderly parents. Since government-provided assistance for the elderly is limited, older individuals depend on their… Read More

Will Bitcoin Facilitate Our Transactions?

Bitcoin, the digital currency, whose creation is based on open source encryption, was designed to prevent counterfeiting and have an electronic payment platform, which isn’t regulated by any central government…. Read More

Membership organizations must rethink methods to attract professionals

Despite the recession, conferences and industry membership organizations continue to host annual, regional, and local events. Zintro asked membership organizations how they are faring in a slow economy and what… Read More

Management Games and Their Impact In Business Schools

Business schools worldwide, have been competing for the past couple of decades, in order to maintain their MBA ranking and the integration of many multilevel management games had a major… Read More

More on China’s leadership transition and its impact

Recently,China has gone through a leadership transition, a once in a decade event. We asked Zintro experts to provide us with their insights into the types of change businesses might… Read More

China’s leadership transition and impact on trade and global economies

Recently,China has gone through a leadership transition, a once in a decade event. We asked Zintro experts to provide us with their insights into the types of change businesses might… Read More