Consulting Snapshot: IT Consultant

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Inquiry Roundup- Software Industry

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Blackberry Releases Passport for Professionals Part 2

We recently discussed the release of Blackberry’s new square-screened Passport phone with Zintro experts in the industry. The Passport is the first major device introduced globally by the company since… Read More

Blackberry Releases Passport for Professionals

Last week Blackberry introduced the square-screened Passport phone, the first major new device introduced globally by the company since John Chen was named Chief Executive Officer in November. The Passport,… Read More

Federal Government Agency Moves to the Cloud

The General Services Administration is in the middle of a multiyear initiative to move core federal government agency systems to the cloud—a network of Internet-hosted remote services—to manage and process… Read More

IT Continues to Attract Venture Capital Dollars

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Success Story: Sanchit Kumar

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How Accurate Are Studies Cited By Wireless Carriers?

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Inquiry Roundup- Computer Programming

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Google Tackles International Security Issues

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Is Java the Best Coding Choice When it Comes to GC?

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