Consulting Snapshot: IT Consultant

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Top 50 Time-Tracking Tools for Freelancers

Nobody understands the value of time better than freelancers. Your time literally is your money, and you need the right tools to track your time to get paid for your… Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Software Industry

Software Licensing Reseller Service I am currently working on Software Licensing Reseller Services globally. I would like to know more about best sourcing strategies to procure Reseller Services in terms… Read More

Federal Government Agency Moves to the Cloud

The General Services Administration is in the middle of a multiyear initiative to move core federal government agency systems to the cloud—a network of Internet-hosted remote services—to manage and process… Read More

How Accurate Are Studies Cited By Wireless Carriers?

Verizon Wireless has touted the results of a new study published by wireless analytics company RootMetrics as proof that they are ahead of the competition. The study, which occurred during… Read More

Google Tackles International Security Issues

Google recently announced that it is partnering with other groups to develop three tools which will aid people living in repressive nations. The announcement was made at NYC’s “Conflict in… Read More

Success Story: Predrag Ostojic

Electronics and electrical engineering designer Predrag Ostojic, of Power Supply IVV, has spent over 20 years working in his field. He has expertise in a wide range of areas, such… Read More

Will New Feature Make Online Training More Efficient Or Discourage Users?

Mindflash, an online training technology company, recently announced a feature called FocusAssist for iPads. The tool tracks the user’s eyes through the camera and when it senses that they have… Read More

What The Surprising Figures From Netflix’s Second Quarter Report Mean For TV Broadcasting

While Netflix reported second quarter earnings that exceeded industry professionals’ estimates, company shares fell in value by nearly 5½ percent. In hopes of explaining the seemingly incongruent information, some analysts have… Read More

Netflix: Friend Or Foe To The Broadcasting Business?

In this year’s second quarter reports, Netflix announced earnings that exceeded Wall Street analysts’ estimates; yet company shares fell in value over the same time period. Some professionals in the… Read More

HP Faced With Accounting Fraud Accusations

Last November, Hewlett-Packard was struggling with the accounting misrepresentation it had been accused of especially by its investors, who felt mislead. HP, on the other hand, held the British software… Read More

Seeking Experts To Work On Telecommunication Industry Projects

Telecommunications procurement 3.7G telecom network in Uganda, bidders include Alcatel, Ericsson and ZTE, we have the offers, need an expert to let us know if they are within the acceptable… Read More

“I was impressed with the quick response time” – Eric Bouche

Eric Bouche is an expert in semiconductor metrology, inspection, and testing. He has 25 years of experience in senior engineering, marketing, and business general manager positions. And as an executive… Read More

More on slumping PC sales

PC sales are starting to slump according to some industry reports. What’s behind the PC industry’s downturn? We put this question to our Zintro experts. Eugene Sherman, a computer consultant,… Read More

PC sales are slumping

PC sales are starting to slump according to some industry reports. What’s behind the PC industry’s downturn? We put this question to our Zintro experts. Jeff Drobman, a computer engineer,… Read More

Future of Quantum Mechanics

2012 Nobel Prize winners, physicist David Wineland and Serge Haroche were able to apply quantum superposition in a real-world experiment, where an atom was immobile and in motion simultaneously and… Read More