ABC Deals with Poor Economic Growth

Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. has set aside additional money to cover future bad loans, amid the country’s economic  slowdown. The lender has more retail customers than the entire population… Read More

Success Story: Michelle Dunn

Zintro expert Michelle Dunn is an authority on collecting money as well as an award-winning author and columnist. Michelle has worked in credit and collections for over 27 years. She… Read More

Success Story: David Gyori

Zintro expert David Gyori, is Executive Director of Xallis Consulting, a boutique research and consulting company. He has over 10 years of experience in market analysis, desk research, secondary research,… Read More

Emerging Market Investing – Lessons from 2013

Investors from large institutions to family offices are showing considerable interest in investing in emerging and frontier markets. The slowdown in emerging market growth is seen as a short-term detour… Read More

IRS Rules on Bitcoin

According to the Internal Revenue Services’ (IRS) first ruling on the issue, the U.S. government will treat Bitcoin as property for tax purposes. The decision will provide certainty for investors,… Read More

New Derivatives Contracts from ISDA

According to The Financial Times, International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) has spent nearly a year on new derivatives contracts to “give failed institutions a temporary stay on investors’ claims… Read More

How Customer Service Is Changing in Financial Sector

USAA and Geico Corp. are just two of the financial firms that have developed mobile apps for customer service purposes. Instead of calling customer service to talk to a representative,… Read More

Federal Authorities Crack Down on Swiss Banks

A federal judge recently gave the government permission to search for data from five Wall Street banks about a group of American clients suspected of hiding assets at an unrelated… Read More

Swiss National Bank Keeps Cap on Franc

According to Swiss National Bank (SNB) board member Fritz Zurbruegg, the cap of 1.20 per euro on the franc will remain in place while the global economic recovery proceeds sluggishly… Read More

Prevalence of Securities Fraud: $700 Million Case in San Francisco

The Department of Justice recently filed felony charges against Walter and Kelly Ng in what may be the largest securities fraud case in California’s history. It involves more than $700… Read More

Project of the Week: Power Conversion Startup on CEO Search Offers $20k for Placement

Know any good start-up CEO candidates? One of Zintro’s faithful inquirers in the venture banking space has launched a sort of crowd-sourced CEO search for a hot portfolio company of… Read More

McDonald’s and VISA’s Collaboration Backfire: See What They Accidentally Reveal About Living on Minimum Wage

McDonald’s and VISA collaborated on the development of a new website aimed at helping McDonald’s employees learn how to budget their expenses. While the gesture may seem nice in theory,… Read More

Does The Recent Development Really Compromise Counterfeits?

A recent technological development could mean the end of counterfeit money, pills, and accessories. Using an intricate pattern based on the structure of a Morpho butterfly’s wing, the innovation can… Read More

“Zintro Has A Bigger Role In Helping New Businesses” – Nizar Kasaballi

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“We could perfectly consult our client on the African market with Zintro” – Marc Zander

Marc Zander gained profound knowledge on African markets for more than 15 years, living and working in several African countries and specializing in various areas including sales, banking, agriculture, financial… Read More

Will Bitcoin Facilitate Our Transactions?

Bitcoin, the digital currency, whose creation is based on open source encryption, was designed to prevent counterfeiting and have an electronic payment platform, which isn’t regulated by any central government…. Read More