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Inquiry Roundup- Aviation Industry

Aviation Valuation I have a class of Asset Valuation in Paris and we are supposed to compare Aviation companies such as BA, AF-KLM, LH, Easy Jet and Singapore Airlines. As… Read More

Rosetta Completes 10-Year Trip into Deep Space

The European spacecraft Rosetta reached its final destination on a 10-year trip into deep space. According to the European Space Agency, they launched the probe in 2004 to orbit the… Read More

Orion Scheduled for December Test

Although NASA’s Orion capsule will not have its first flight test for six more months, agency engineers are getting excited about what they will learn. They designed the spacecraft to… Read More

First Successful Missile Intercept Test Since 2008

This week marked the U.S.-missile defense system’s first successful intercept test since 2008. Five of the past eight attempts had failed. According to the U.S. Defense Department, the system, which… Read More

Lockheed Martin Awarded $915 USAF Contract

The U.S. Air Force awarded a $915 million contract to Lockheed Martin Corp. to build a radar system to detect small space debris. The ‘space junk’ is orbiting waste that… Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Navigation and GPS

Navigation System Import of GPS tracker into India .so licence requirement form WPC…more GPS Systems I need to speak with someone who has extensive experience in micro/nano GPS technology, and… Read More

Inquiry Roundup- Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry I work for a market research firm serving Global 1000 companies. We are working on a project for a client and looking to talk to multiple aerospace industry… Read More

Should Space Station Funding Be a Greater Priority?

The White House and NASA announced in a joint statement that they would like to keep the International Space Station (ISS) open through 2024, an extension of four years. According… Read More

World View Offers Suborbital Balloon Rides

Startup Worldview Enterprises in Tucson, Arizona, plans to offer commercial suborbital balloon rides to reach heights of 19 miles. Although outer space is generally considered to be beyond 62 miles,… Read More

What The Future Holds for Europe’s Busiest Airport

Debates regarding the future of Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow, have been surfacing. Business leaders in London assert that the city is losing its draw as an international destination in part… Read More

Only Two Passengers Lose Lives in Plane Crash: Luck or Refined Safety Features Proving Effective?

On July 6 the Asiana 777 crashed while landing in San Francisco. While many passengers incurred injuries, miraculously, there were only two casualties. Some aviation consultants maintain that the high… Read More

Could The Sun Be The Answer To Nuclear Waste Disposal?

In recent years, discussions surrounding the disposal of nuclear waste have reemerged. Since the sun is a constant nuclear reaction much larger than the Earth, it could hypothetically serve as… Read More

Aviation Experts Analyze The Shocking Survival Rate of the Asiana 777 Crash

Earlier this month, two passengers on the Asiana 777 lost their lives during a crash landing at San Francisco International Airport. Aviation consultants assert that the high survival rate can… Read More

Did You Say ‘Wifi Internet Access Everywhere’?

This month Google launches the pilot run for Project Loon. If successful, the enterprise will provide Internet access to remote areas while also improving current coverage. The venture floats 30… Read More

“Zintro is a unique method to promote services” – John Husko

John Husko is the president of a company that concentrates on aviation manufacturing, generating $35 million in annual revenues.  He has sales and management experience in the aviation aftermarket for… Read More

Expanding The 3D Printing Technology Into New Industries

With 3D printing, designers have turned digital models into precise objects and leading companies are exploring zero-gravity 3D printing for the aerospace industry. However, Silicon Valley and venture capitalists haven’t… Read More