Consulting Snapshot: HR Consultant

human-resourcesThis post is the last installment of our Consultants Series which has looked at Energy, Biotech, and IT consultants.

HR Consulting

Human resources consultants provide services and advice to businesses of all sizes. While some HR consultants provide help with a variety of hiring and management needs, others specialize in a specific area such as recruitment, payroll administration, benefits and compensation planning, legal compliance, or training and development.

Why should I hire an HR consultant?

There are so many specialties under the HR umbrella that your business may need to hire a consultant for any number of reasons. For instance, if your business is having staffing difficulties, an HR consultant can advise you on how to attract the most qualified applicants. If your issues pertain to employee relations, a human resources consultant can investigate complaints, mediate disputes, and advise you as to how to improve employee satisfaction.

What type of background should I look for in an HR consultant?

A qualified HR consultant will have a strong record as a consultant as well as corporate leadership experience. Ask for references from previous clients to discover the success rate on other projects. Most importantly, make sure to hire an HR consultant with experience in your core area of need so you can receive customized assistance.

What is the first step after hiring an HR consultant?

When you find the right HR consultant, be clear about the role you want them to play in your organization. You may decide to bring a consultant in for a one-day session, multiple trainings, or assistance with a particular project. Be clear about your expectations and make yourself available for all questions and concerns.

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