5 Best Business Podcasts of 2016

128px-podcast-icon-svgPodcasts have gained momentum across many industries during the past decade, according to Infinite Dial 2016, a study of digital media from
Edison Research and Triton Digital. Since 2013, monthly podcast listenership grew 75% with a 23% increase in the last year. One reason for the popularity of podcasts is the sheer number of options.

There were more than 60,000 active podcasts on iTunes in 2015 alone, including thousands of successful business and marketing podcasts. With all the competition, it can be challenging to discover the best podcasts out there for those in business. So here are five of the best from 2016. Covering topics that concern consultants and the people who hire them.

#1: Freakonomics Radio

The award-winning Freakonomics Radio is downloaded more than 7 million times a month by fans of host Stephen Dubner and Freakonomics co-author Steve Levitt. The public radio show, produced in partnership with WNYC, revolves around topics such as “Why Uber is an Economist’s Dream,” “How to Be More Productive,” and “Do Boycotts Work?

Listen to: I Consult, Therefore I Am

#2: Manager Tools

Winner of multiple Best Podcast Awards, Manager Tools is a weekly podcast focused on providing career advice and strategies for managers who want to become more effective. Topics include “Time (Priority) Management,” “How to Scan a Resume,” and “Managing a Contractor Career.”

Listen to: Contractor/Consultant Relationships with Permanent Staff

#3: HBR Ideacast

This podcast from Harvard Business Review explores business and management themes through discussions with leading thinkers. Recent episodes include “Negotiating with a Liar,” “Getting Growth Back at Your Company,” and “Asking for Advice Makes People Think You’re Smarter.”

Listen to: Why We Love to Hate Consultants

#4: The Independent Consultants Podcast

Though this podcast ended in 2015, the episodes are relevant to consultants, coaches, and small agencies. Host Brian Shea helps professionals build consulting practices that serve both clients and partners. Topics have included “How People and Organizations Evolve,” “Which Business Model is Right for You,” and “A New Way to Define Your Niche.”

Listen to: The Small Business Lifecycle

#5: StartUp

Want advice about getting your business venture off the ground? Listen to StartUp, hosted by award-winning journalist Alex Blumberg. The former producer of This American Life and co-founder of Planet Money tackles “Gaming the System,” “From the Cell to the Sell” and much more.

Listen to: Pitch Perfect #2