5 Benefits Freelance Consultants Bring to the Table

business-peopleHiring a consultant is an effective strategy for handling both short-term and long-term company needs. Whether you want specialized assistance on a project or just need an expert opinion on an office issue, there are professional consultants in virtually every industry.

Here are a few of the benefits found by those who hire consultants on a regular basis.

#1: Knowledge

One of the biggest reasons businesses hire consultants is because they need someone with a distinct training and education background.

Fortunately, with platforms such as Zintro, you can find consultants with technical qualifications from a wide range of industries. Zintro connects clients to over 220,000 highly-specialized experts in areas such as market research, management consulting, private equity and venture capital to name a few.

#2: Low (or NO) Overhead

Affordability is a major factor in most hiring decisions. It costs much less to hire an expert than it does to add a permanent employee to the payroll. In addition to salaries, insurance, and payroll taxes, there is overhead such as equipment, training, office supplies, and other expenses.

#3: Flexibility

While it’s not uncommon to hire a consultant for a large ongoing project, many businesses also need experts for small projects. These businesses may not have someone on staff with the precise skills required. Hiring a permanent staff for a short-term need wouldn’t be cost effective. But consultants have the flexibility to work on smaller projects for several clients at the same time.

#4: Referral Networks

The best consultants come with a network of talented experts they can recommend for other business needs. For instance, a marketing consultant may be able to refer you to someone to help with content or graphics for your website. You may even find that an expert you hire on Zintro has a network of PR and technology experts that they work with on a regular basis.

#5: Perspective

Because someone outside the organization can see the big picture, hiring a consultant is a very effective method for solving business problems.

  • Not sure if you should change your marketing strategy?
  • Need assistance creating a new set of policies?
  • Perhaps you need help defining the problem.

A consultant can explore the problem and identify a solution.

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