Success Story: John Daller

john-dallerFor the past 12 years, Zintro expert John Daller, MD, PhD, FACS has led Daller Consulting, specializing in the areas of medical-legal review, due diligence and scientific evaluations, and utilization review. As Chief Medical Officer of Concordia Valsource, LLC, he also provides consultative services to developing biopharmaceutical companies and Venture Capital groups investing in the health and life sciences.

“Zintro offers opportunities to connect with clients and has expanded my network,” said Dr. Daller. “I recently assisted a client who wanted to understand the particular characteristics of a medical device that would differentiate it from its competitors and offer a competitive advantage. We were able to help the client understand the space and make an informed investment decision.”

Dr. Daller explained also shared his experience with another client on the Zintro platform. “This project focused on our healthcare consulting arm. We assisted a client involved in an employment contract negotiation with a physician in a high-end specialty to understand revenue flow and value generation to ensure compliance with fair market value considerations.”