Success Story: Naomi Cooper

3b00ad9Zintro expert Naomi Cooper is a digital media insights and reporting expert with more than 16 years of experience in the integrated market. She recently shared her experiences working as a consultant on the Zintro platform.

“I have heavily concentrated in digital for the last seven years,” said Naomi. “Although, in the ‘material world’ of business this may not seem like a lot of time, it’s the exact opposite in the virtual world. In the last seven years we went from standard display media to rich media, from only measuring CTR to looking at time spent and engagement rate, and from desktop video to mobile engagement video. And let’s not forget about social. We are entering a media space where the ad dollars in print are being reallocated to a digital-only plan and mobile first is pushing desktop aside.”

Naomi has developed a track record developing, activating, monitoring, and measuring marketing programs and media campaigns. Her strengths include identifying consumer interests across multiple verticals and transforming the results into actionable, data-driven insights to maximize profitability and performance.

“Companies are looking for the formula that will solve a specific set of problems; how to create a consistent experience from in-store to online and vice versa,” she explained. “In addition to the fact that the same user and/or customer will not respond to the same messaging based on their demographics and the device they are using.”

Naomi discussed what she offers clients. “We live in an omni-channel world. As Google says, it’s all about micro-moments. My experience as a marketing director for two large retailers combined with my experience in digital media as a project manager, analyst, strategist, and storyteller are the key skills that my clients on the Zintro platform have leveraged to fulfill their inquiries.

To date, the projects I worked on focused on three different verticals but the final deliverables for each had a common vein. They were looking for insights into, and information about, products and platforms that competitors within their specific verticals are using to bridge the communication gap between the omni-channel and what they are doing to stay one step ahead.”

Naomi credits her understanding of the technical science that makes the platforms operate and how these companies use this consumer behavior data to create their media and marketing plans for her success on Zintro. “I am so lucky that I took a job as a project seven years ago because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I learned which products worked best to reach a brand’s desired audience and achieve their KPI. Essentially, the right message, at the right time, on the right device.”

Zintro helped Naomi at a time late spring when she took a huge leap of faith and decided to “leave the security of the corporate world” and go out on her own. “I created the insights department at my previous job, and it came to fruition based on a need. We were providing clients with data dumps but no explanation as to why the campaigns were performing well and no optimizations when red flags were on the horizon. I always wanted to start my own company and now was the best time. I can provide value while continuing to learn and evolve and provide the best class of service to my clients.”‘

While there are challenges to working with international clients, Naomi has been able to overcome them. “Sometimes there are language and communication barriers and time differences. But it’s worth getting up an hour earlier than usual and scheduling a call.”

After using other platforms, Naomi found she preferred working with Zintro. “It was a valuable asset to me when I launched my company and continues to help me to secure clients. The platform is easy to use. It sends me inquiries for opportunities that are a good fit with my experience. I also like that the funds are put into escrow. It’s reassuring to know that you will get paid when the project is complete.”