Success Story: Brandon Coe

brandon-coeZintro expert Brandon Coe is a Retail Operations and Workforce Specialist. He  shared details about his experience working as a consultant on the Zintro platform.

Recently, he found he was able to help a  client by combining his knowledge of workforce manager solutions from both an end user perspective, as a former retail store manager for Abercrombie & Fitch, and also as a corporate user in a home office role.

“I was able to provide insights on previous experiences that occur daily when scheduling issues arise in a retail environment. Issues we discussed were items such as scheduling, communication, scheduling adjustments, scheduling expectations and overall guidelines on creating a retail schedule.”

When providing clarity for what a company may experience when selecting a workforce management provider, it was the knowledge Brandon gained as a corporate user (including implementation, roll out and continuous management) which allowed him to provide the most clarity,

“We discussed why the vendor we use was chosen, strengths and opportunities of the software and some of the features we at Vera Bradley use,” he explained.

So far Brandon has had a successful experience working through Zintro. “I enjoy spending time with clients and walking them through successes and obstacles we have faced. Getting the chance to network and connect with other professionals in the industry is always rewarding.”