Success Story: Larry Rosenblatt

Larry-RosenblattZintro expert Larry Rosenblatt has worked in the energy field for over 35 years. Before his retirement in 2009, he developed a strong background in areas such as Oil And Gas, Management, Projects, and Marketing and held several VP positions at ExxonMobil and its affiliates.

As President of Rosenblatt Advisors, LLC, Mr. Rosenthal consults on shale gas development, LNG development and marketing, engineering, procurement, and many other activities related to energy.

He recently shared his experience working as a consultant on the Zintro platform. “Zintro brings a wide variety of interesting consulting opportunities to me and other subject matter experts,” said Mr. Rosenblatt. “The platform provides an easy means to communicate qualifications and questions to the client, ultimately coordinating meaningful arrangements to the client.”

Speaking of a recent consult, he explained, “My client was very interested in standardization of design, fabrication and construction of facilities within the manufacturing industry worldwide. In this case, I drew on my years of experience in major project design, and EPC work in the oil industry to draw parallels and areas of opportunity to improve cost and schedule.”

“Although my expertise is primarily oil and gas, organization and best practices, and project development,” continued Mr. Rosenthal, “I was able to apply the same knowledge and principles to this area. The assignment involved both written work and follow up teleconference communications.”

Mr. Rosenthal holds a BSE from Princeton University and MS in Management Science from USC. He also has associations with the Houston World Affairs Council, Houston Technology Center, and the Energy Forum at Rice’s Baker Institute.