Consulting Snapshot: IT Consultant


serverConsultants provide professional expertise on a temporary basis. This week we continue our series, during which we have discussed Energy and Biotech Consultants. Now let’s take a look at the work performed by IT consultants.

IT Consulting

Information technology (IT) consultants work collaboratively with businesses, advising them how to use technology to meet their objectives. They often advise clients during the purchasing process and then offer technical assistance, systems training, and feedback.

Why should I hire an IT consultant?

There are many ways in which an IT consultant can help your business, whether it’s defining network requirements, implementing new systems (designing, testing, and installing), or finding solutions to problems. Many times businesses hire IT consultants to train employees to use new systems. IT consultants often spend a lot of time researching and writing up reports and white papers.

What type of background should I look for in an IT consultant?

Most IT consultants have at least a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or a related field. Several years of experience working as a technician or computer support specialist is helpful for performing training and support.

Look for IT consultants who hold professional certification in one or more areas. Examples of certification include Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP), Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS), or Microsoft Certified IT Specialist (MCITS).

What is the first step after hiring an IT consultant?

Once you find an IT consultant you’d like to hire, make sure you have a detailed agreement that outlines the scope of the project as well as estimated timelines and costs. Stay in close communication. Regular “check-ins” allow you to:

  • Monitor progress
  • Problem-solve issues together
  • Stay within your budget

By starting the search process with a clear understanding of how a consultant can help you meet the needs of your business, you will improve the chances of creating a successful business relationship.

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