Project Description Blunders: Mistakes That are Easy to Avoid


No matter how small or large the talent pool is for your short-term project, the key to landing the right consultant is writing a clear project description. Crafting a project description for a temporary contractor or consultant is very different from writing a job description for a full-time employee.

Chances are, you’re not an expert in the consultant’s field–that’s why you are hiring an expert in the first place. Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

“But wait…there’s more!!!”

Don’t be pushy. People tend to distrust descriptions that sound too good to be true. You can write a great project description without over-selling it. (And avoid exclamation points at all costs.)

That doesn’t mean you should undersell either. Crafting an effective project description is a balancing act.

Think about the ideal candidate and then put yourself in their shoes. What’s most important to the consultant you want to hire? That’s what you need to get across.

*What is the purpose of the project?
*What are the benefits?
*What is the expected outcome?

“Anyone? Anyone?”

While it’s important to establish key accountability, you shouldn’t include every single duty in the project description. In other words, when making duty statements, don’t think like a lawyer, think like a project seeker. Instead of being dry, jazz it up a little by beginning each duty with an action verb.

“Let me get to the point.”

People read online content a lot differently than the way they read the Help Wanted section of the newspaper. Even when it comes to the newspaper, we just don’t have the same attention span we used to have. What does that mean for writing an effective project description? Don’t use large chunks of text that are hard to scan.

*Use bullet points
*Include numbered lists
*Break up text with white space

“Time is money.”

Don’t leave out a timetable. Do you have time restrictions? Of course you do. Be upfront about them. How much time is there for each phase of the project? When is the final deadline? Explain your workflow expectations right from the start.

This advice also applies to a budget. Calculate a clear and realistic budget so it doesn’t become a guessing game down the line.

Writing a project description that gets results is the first step to finding the best talent. Zintro is a fast and affordable way to find a highly-qualified Consultant. Post your Project here.