5 Tips for Effective Candidate Sourcing


conference callSourcing is an integral part of talent acquisition. While some mistakenly believe the way to find a consultant is simply to post projects to a popular job board and filter through the results, it’s not how recruiters build successful businesses. The key to finding candidates is to pull from a variety of sourcing strategies. If you’re tired of relying on specialized resume searches, consider this list of tips.

1. Work on your pitch.

Why post a standard job description when you can create a compelling description instead. A good way to start is to ask the hiring manager to describe the ideal candidate. Then craft an advertisement that clearly states how the candidate can use their expertise both to benefit the project and grow professionally.

2. Be engaging.

There’s no question that social media is a great sourcing tool, but don’t just send out job blasts and then sit back passively waiting for the resumes to come pouring in. For social media recruitment to get results, you need to engage with your audience and build relationships! What’s the fastest way to do it? Share content–both third-party and original posts. Then be an active participant in the conversations that take place.

3. Expand your recruiter network.

When it comes to reaching out to prospects, building your LinkedIn network is a given…but don’t stop there. Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference. For instance, after you fill a position, send an email to those applicants who didn’t get the opportunity to interview. Thank them for their interest and encourage them to connect with you on social media. You’ll build a large pool of talent–as well as a reputation for going the extra distance. Plus, it will be that much easier to fill the next position.

4. Have a plan.

Being prepared is essential when sourcing candidates. Your job starts before there is even a position to fill. Begin by developing a core group of candidates you can reach out to when the perfect position arises, especially if you tend to recruit for the same type of projects over and over again. Waiting until there is an opening will keep you in a continual state of trying to catch up.

5. Pull from multiple sources.

Sure, LinkedIn is a recruiter’s go-to site. But don’t forget about all of your other options. Explore the best social media sites for your industry and then establish a presence. Facebook’s Graph Search is a terrific tool. Twitter is a valuable platform for interacting with prospects. And sites like Zintro open up your options even further.


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