Inquiry Roundup- Food Packaging

Looking to speak or work with experts on food packaging to package snack food for children to take to school. all food will be preservative free and made from fresh organic ingredients. We want packaging that will have as long a shelf life as possible and will allow food to be on a shop shelf for at least 6 months -1 year

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Startup Artisanal Spreadable Foods Company needs advice on how to ensure proper packaging and shelf life for products (peanut butter, jam, honey, ketchup and mustard, hot sauce, bbq sauce). Would love to consult with expert in this field in terms of proper seals, etc.

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We are a start up company based in London, UK and need a packaging solution for our biscuits containing protein. We are aiming for a shelf live up to 6 months as our products will also be sold abroad and the packaging solution needs to support this.

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