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Healthcare Research: We are looking for a desk research/secondary research /medical research who can pull out the number of procedures/surgeries performed and how many hospitals are performing those surgeries in four markets. Please refer to the attached file for further information. I would need weblink/sources for each numbers.

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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to better understand the Investigator grants category/ Industry. I would like to further delve into the following questions.

a. What are the best practices in the Industry to manage this category? Case Studies / Examples of what major pharmaceutical companies are doing to manage this category?
b. Outsourcing of these Services (who to outsource to? What proportion of activity, in which regions, for what spend? etc.)
c. How are these services priced ? (Terms, Costing model, pricing per transaction etc.)
d. How are the complexities of regulations, legalities and takes being managed? (ABAC legislation etc.)
e. How is the ‘fair market value assessed? What are the various tools, if any, that are used to aid fair value assessment?


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Need market information on the Veterinary Healthcare Market for the following countries in the South American market primarily Brazil, Argentina, Chile,Colombia, Venezuela and Peru.

Below are the requirements on the kind of information needed:

The Product Categories include :
1. Anti-infective
2. Endoparasiticide
3. Ectoparasiticide
4. Anti-ulcerative
5. Anti-inflamatory
6. Anti-parasitic

The Animal categories include :
1. Companion Animals
2. Equine
3. Production Animals
4. Poultry

The market information required would be sales information for the Top 5 products in each product type category from each animal type.

We need primary research from 20 retailers and 7-10 Wholesale distributors

The information we need is
1. What are the Top 5 products in each category (E.g Top 5 NSAIDS in Companion animals. )
2. What is the market share for the Top 5 products?
3. What are the different pack sizes and the retail price for each pack?
4. What are the wholesale prices for each of the above?

Please let me know the top level pricing for this study as well as approximate timeline.

Based on this information we can take the discussion further.

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