Inquiry Roundup – Automotive Industry

We are an authorized Zintro partner interested in the following titles are automotive dealerships in the United States:
1. Owners2. General Managers3. Sales Managers4. Service Lead

If you fit the above criteria, please respond with your contact information: name and phone number. Thanks for your time.
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Car OEM related requirements


Scope: Car & Van OEMs
Geography: Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Iceland

Deliverables to be answered –
Europe – Market Overview
1. Porter 5 force with special focus on Western-Europe
2. Top Suppliers in Europe
3. SWOT analysis of the first let’s say 5 players

By Country – Supplier Analysis
1. Top Suppliers
2. Market position per country (also compared to PY)
3. Share in true fleets
4. Brand ranking (probably by segment) according to EURO NCAP
5. CO2 ranking per segment
6. Info on formal program / cooperation with leasing companies (if available)

By Country – Others
1. Fleet owner trends – most preferred brands, sole supply vs multi supply (maybe makes sense to split job and benefit cars)
2. Car policy overview – most typical brands/models per country
3. Special insight: market of electric and hybrid vehicles per country
4. Diesel vs pertrol (or hybrid/electric) – best practices per country supported by recent registration figures

Please let me know if you can provide information on the above.
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Argentina Rail Freight Market Study – Chemical Manufacturer wants to explore the option of using rail instead of trucks

1. Learn about engaging with rail
a. Who will be the appropriate decision making authority if the chemical manufacturer were to engage with the rail company in Argentina for transporting soda ash
b. What are various engagement models available to expedite this (such as public-private-partnership) in case this is not something that the local government would not be interested in doing this alone, etc.
c. What would be the initial capital to activate rail service from the chemical manufacturer’s end (roadbed, crossties, rail and loading/unloading equipment etc.)
2. Learn about the overall market scenario
a. Overall Market Intelligence on the existing rail players in Argentina
b. Learn whether they can comply to the chemical manufacturer’s requirements (certification to carry Soda Ash, right customs procedure, safety, minimal investments in equipment etc.)
c. Learn if they can carry out the service in the rail track between Pocitos and Antofagasta and learn about other areas where they currently provide service

Would like to connect with an expert who has knowledge on the above points
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