Inquiry roundup- Medical Imaging

I am researching medical imaging integration and automation. Basically, I want to understand the distribution and sharing process of patients imaging records for diagnosis and treatment planning.  I need to speak with PACs/DICOM, Imaging professionals at hospitals, clinicals or other medical establishment.  These experts are responsible for making medical images available to medical professionals at the point of care.  I specifically want to speak with experts that develop, integrate, install or make purchasing decisions for image display of medical images (such as MRI, CAT, PET, etc.)

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I am researching hybrid digital operating room integration and automation (i.e. the ability to see CAT, PET MRI in a sterile environment).  Basically, I only want to speak with PACS/DICOM personnel, Operating Room Manager or similar IT Imaging professional at a hospital knowledgeable about imaging requirements during image guided surgery, catheter ablation, radiofrequency ablation, or similar procedures.
I am specifically interested in speaking with imaging experts working at a hospital with imaging responsibilities inside an operating room.

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I am working on a project that aims to measure optical density ratio’s in images obtained from a very popular eye device names Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), all images have been extracted in the same manner from this device, we aim to measure optical density ratios of the subretinal fluid to supraretinal fluid, the retinal nerve fiber layer and retinal pigment layer Using ImageJ, the methodology has been described previously in the following papers: 1-Longitudinal optical density analysis of subretinal fluid after surgical repair of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. 2- Optical density ratio in the subretinal fluid: differentiating chronic central serous chorioretinopathy and polypodial choroidal vasculopathy. 3- Optical Density of Subretinal Fluid in Retinal Detachment. Please review and comprehend before submitting a response, we aim to evaluate optical density of the sub retinal fluid in specific condition and compare it to controls Thanks

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We are conducting research on the Dental Imaging (CT and Panoramic X-ray) markets. Please note that the brief focuses on 3 markets: Singapore, Hong Kong and China(specifically Shanghai)
The ideal experts will be familiar with the below topics:

– How widespread is the usage of CT scans in the process of implants as opposed to traditional panoramic X-Rays
– Where are Dental CT scans traditionally conducted? In designated Clinics? In general dentists offices?
– What is the price range of Dental CT Scans?- What is the price range of dental panoramic X-Rays?
– What % of dental clinics own equipment for panoramic X-ray imaging
– What % of dental clinics own equipment for dental CT imaging
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