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Hi, I am looking to develop a healthy dried noodle formula and need someone who can help in terms of content, I need expertise on how to reduce the salt content and increase balanced nutrition content. I also need help in terms of taste. Thanks .
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We are a new family owned and run health food company with lots of ideas, but we need some help in making our recipes commercially viable and shelf ready. Looking for someone to help us with ingredient alternatives and shelf-life extending. Preferably also need someone who is experienced in Australian food labelling regulations.

As we are a start-up we only have a very small budget. However if we are happy with the consulting work for this product we would definitely be interested in providing on-going work as we introduce new ranges and product lines.

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I am looking for a food science expert to help with formulation development for a ready to drink coffee flavored dairy beverage
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Good Morning,
We are seeking the services of a food specialist to assist us in creating new foods using cassava/yuca. Currently our only cassava products are:
1. A cassava bread known as bammy – see the attached.
2. Pancake mix
Let me know if this is a project you would be willing to handle.
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We are a nutrition company looking to formulate a recipe for an edible cookie dough-like spread, based on clean and low calorie ingredients.
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