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Looking to speak to someone with Automotive (USA OEM – General Motors/Ford/Toyota) background into industrial cleaning. Purpose of the call would be to understand engagement practice with suppliers for industrial cleaning.
Please confirm if we you are either a buyer of these services/seller of these services or someone who has been directly associated with handling these.

Please share your response and we can have a call either on 26th or 27th.

We would like to setup an electric car manufacturing plant in China. Where can I find a company that can partner with us or assist us for designing, developing and setting up the plant manufacturing electric passenger car.
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I am looking for insights for questions around Connected cars.

  • How much is each car OEM spending per car per year on the technology solutions to build a connected vehicle?
  • What is the existing cost structure that OEM has to deal with to connected cars? What are the expense line items they are spending on?
  • What % cost of producing car is taken up by connectivity related solutions and what are the projections?
  • What is paying for the costs related to connectivity solutions in cars?
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