Plastic Microbeads Banned in the U.S.

256px-Nurdles_01_gentlemanrookOn Dec. 28, President Obama signed a bill into law that bans the plastic microbeads found in body and facial scrubs and toothpastes. Approximately 1.4 trillion microbeads wash down the drain in the U.S. each year–passing through sewage treatment systems and into rivers and oceans.

Zintro expert Lori Karpman is a CEO and Management Consultant, and she supports the legislation. “It’s is about time! The actual need for microbeads for exfoliation disappeared many years ago as natural skincare began to gain more public acceptance. Prior to that natural was equated with ‘granola’ and ‘ineffective’ and certainly could not produce the results that chemical or manufactured ingredients can.

“Truth is, nature is abundant in exfoliants and microbeads are often replaced with ground nutshells. Many women do not like the ground shells as they can be coarse and rough on sensitive skins. There are also exfoliants in the form of fruit enzymes such a pineapple, for example, where the enzymes eat the dead skin between the skin cells allowing them to shed at a faster rate. However, while there are many ‘cleanser’ style exfoliants replacing microbeads, the ‘at-home use’ personal device/small equipment category is growing by leaps and bounds.

None of the new advances that have post-dated the creation of microbeads have any effect on the environment. The effect is fewer wrinkles, not less clean water. Microbeads have been an issue in the cosmetics industry for too many years. I don’t understand why it took so long frankly, with so many healthy alternative solutions.”

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