Recruiters Embracing Gamification

Recruitment gamification” is a growing trend for recruiters in a wide range of industries, changing the way they discover and assess candidates. Human resources professionals are finding that when used properly, it can be an extremely useful tool.

Recently Uber’s hiring growth team and San Francisco gaming startup CodeFights partnered to develop a timed, competitive coding game called UberBot to use as a recruitment tool. Users interact with the software to determine the optimal route for a car to follow or the best match for passengers splitting a ride.

Other companies finding success with recruitment gamification include Marriott and Deloitte. Marriott’s hotel-themed online game was designed to attract millennials to the hospitality industry, helping users learn about the industry while earning virtual awards. In 2013, Deloitte developed software that allows job-seekers to go behind the scenes of all of its virtually mapped offices throughout Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Zintro expert Merce Muntada is currently conducting research is competencies assessment through video games. She says, “The problem in recruitment is the detection of the real competencies for each candidate, both transversal and specific competencies, avoiding the bias of traditional CV’s. The use of gamification in recruitment allows better identification of competencies and could reduce the level of failures in job recruitment.”

Seema Rajpal is a sourcing and merchandising expert and management professional. She explains, “In my opinion, gamification brings out social skills and demonstrates new perspectives. It helps people to bond and develop mutual respect. Thus, it is being used in recruitment and will continue to spread out through more and more organizations.”

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