Teva Halts Studies for Multiple Sclerosis Drug

Teva_Pharmaceutical_Industries_logoTeva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Active Biotech AB recently announced changes to two current drug studies after eight patients suffered “nonfatal cardiovascular events” during  phases 2 and 3 of a clinical trial. The company halted components of the studies involving higher-dose portions of Laquinimod although studies involving placebo and lower-dose portions will continue. The company is developing Laquinimod as a once-daily oral drug to treat multiple sclerosis and Huntington’s disease.

Zintro expert Dr. Jacob Dagan is the president and CEO of a biomedical engineering company with more than 30 years of healthcare management, corporate and product development experience. He shares his thoughts about the situation, explaining, “The incidents described are typical when testing a drug in the advanced stages of phases 2 and 3. At these stages the company wants to find the higher dose limits, as required in the final report to the FDA. Teva did stop using those high doses and continues with lower-dose and placebo as required, so will finish the study, with the hope that the lower-dose will show the required response for the multiple sclerosis and Huntington diseased patients.”

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